Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
9 May 2018

Day 9 – Command Day…and Rain!

Greetings from the Wetsundays (closely related to the Whitsundays – just add rain!). Yesterday the Youth Crew and most of the staffies summited Whitsunday Peak, this morning the remaining staff and myself did the same…in vastly different conditions. Wet, wet, wet! On return we conducted Morning Brief, Opposites (where the elected Youth Crew quiz their opposite numbers in the staff crew), and then handed over the ship to the Youth Crew of Voyage 15/18. Wait…that means I’m on holidays! Red Watch…over to you. Captain Kenny…out!

We welcomed Command Day with our first sight of rain during the voyage and it bucketed down. The youth crew got to take over the ship at 10:00am and we have it until 10:00am tomorrow, all positions are now run by the youth who were voted in!
We saw a totally different side of the Whitsundays today as it was foggy and raining and yesterday was blue skies and sunny. Today has been one of the windiest and most challenging days weatherwise.
We successfully weighed anchor and set the sails, heading down the Whitsunday passage and we had to do numerous tacks to avoid the numerous islands. Tacking requires the entire youth crew to be involved to change the direction of the ship.
Our own youth chefos cooked lunch and dinner which was an amazing variety of food and we all can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for breakfast. YUM!!
In charge today we have:
Captain – Emily
Sail master – Bec
Navigator – Darcy
Watch officer – Dom
Watch leaders – Lewis, Garrett & Bonnie
Chefs – Carla, Sophie & Alicia
The handover has been successful and we are continuing to sail through the Whitsundays, today we have seen many more whales!
Red watch out – Carla, Darcy, Davis, Garrett, Grace, Mel, Sophie, Tracey & Zahra.


20 26s / 148 35e


Wind: Easterly at 16 knots Weather: Overcast - scattered showers Swell: 130 at 0.5 metres Course: 182 true Speed: 5 knots