Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
27 October 2018

Day 9 – Command Day

Ahoy Shipmates…Command Day has arrived so I’m on holidays…over to Captain Michael.

Captains Log 27 Oct 18
Hours on the Young Endeavour- 192
Days without WiFi- 8
Years of memories- Infinite

This morning we woke up to a classic Australian melody, “home among the gumtrees” originally performed by John Williams, sung by blue watch. After elections the night before everyone was a bit weary eyed after staying up from all the excitement, that was until this mornings “Zumba” class led by Maddie from Blue watch, followed by a game of evolution. The combination of dance moves with working out, and walking around making egg, chicken and dinosaurs noises was a perfect way to kick off the morning in Broken Bay.
Following our morning “stretch” we got straight into an English breakfast prepared by our youthies, the classic eggs, beans, mushrooms, fennel sausage, and of course for the 8th day in a row, bacon.
The excitement had only begun after we had finished stuffing our faces, to our shock in the morning brief Nanna Lamington had been stuffing her face all night too. Yet another hilarious skit performed by the staffies which was followed by a catchy sing and dance.
Happy hour was definitely the Happiest hour we have had so far this voyage, Phil playing his hillbilly tunes getting everyone in the mood get moving, it was almost counterproductive because they were so good, the longer we took to clean the longer we could party with the happiest guy in the world.
After Happy Hour we Kenny then proceeded to hand over the ship to us, an absolute honour and privilege that I will never forget, 100% goes down as the best moment so far in this voyage and will be treasured for as long as I live. As my generation grew up on TV shows, I thought it was only fitting first words as captain was the Spongebob Squarepants theme song which as you may know goes “Are you ready kids” ‘Aye aye captain’ “I cant hear you” ‘AYE AYE CAPTAIN’, which definitely drew an overwhelming response.

We decided to weigh anchor or as the Youthie Watch officer and Navigator put it “skedaddle skedoodled” over to another part of Broken Bay where we could open the pool and have a swim. Before we could do that we had to have lunch (more bacon) and climb aloft the foremast to get a picture as one of our tasks, fitting as many youthies on the Yards as possible. We decided to cast the gaskets while we were up there killing 2 birds with one stone, only to have the engineer think he left them off overnight and put them back on while we were on the rope swing. The rope swing was definitely a highlight in the trip for everyone with Guv showing everyone how its done with a perfect backflip, posture 10, dismount 10, landing 10, old man points 10. We saw a variety of backflips, bellyflops and one unfortunate and painful coordination). Definitely the best pool I’ve been in so far.
Directly after our swim we got stuck straight into making a hammock to fit all of us Youthies on, which ironically, the number 26 came up once more. Somehow we crafted this beaut of a hammock which didn’t collapse with 26 of the GOD WATCH on it.
Trying to get on the road (water) as soon as possible we hooked straight into setting for sail. There was a bit of miscommunication although I’m glad we were almost too early on a sail than too late, even though we ended up going backwards for a few seconds. While we were setting all of the fore and aft sails we had 2 whales completely breaching in front of us, a spectacular sight to see during our first ever unassisted sail.
I’d like to say thank you to the Young Endeavour scheme on behalf of my crew. This has been the most unforgettable, unreal, unbelievable experienceof our lives. All of the staff crew from Captain Kenny, Hortolena, Salty, and Nanna lamington, to chef Zacharii and the watch leaders. You have provided us all with such valuable information; you’ve taught us more than how to sail, we have learnt more about ourselves than we could have expected to on this voyage and for that we appreciate this opportunity so sail the Young Endeavour.
“its not about the destination, its about the journey” – Barrack Obama
Goodbye for now and I would wish to see you all on the high seas another time.

– Captain Payne


33 44s / 151 32e


Wind: SE at 13 knots Weather: Overcast Swell: SE at 1.5m Course: 185 true Speed: 4 knots Location: East of Sydney