Captain's Log
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
13 October 2018

Day 8 – Command Day, Wind and Seas

Ahoy Shipmates…Command Day is upon us. At 1000 we handed the ship over to Captain Ben and his hardy crew…so unofficially staffies are on holidays!(we wish). The weather Gods have smiled upon us with some decent breeze for sailing. It’s proving challenging for the Youth Crew but they are pressing on…and the Green Goblin has returned, surprise surprise! I’ll had over to Captain Ben…Captain Kenny…Out! P.S. He is a bit unwell hence shortened version…

Captains Log Day 8 – Command Day

Command day may just be the most stressful day of my life (so far) with wind speeds above 30 knots and high seas coming from every angle. Nothing favoured the youthie crew at the start, as once the jib was set, the wind became too strong so we had to furl it. The challenging conditions and youthies questioning themselves in the conditions made for one hell of a day. We managed to check off 5 tasks with the devotion of the crew and the safety officers. These included setting the sails, polishing brass and making a hammock out of ropes at midships. However in all this fun and excitement people became sea sick once we left the safe haven of Port Stevens. Even I myself am feeling queasy as the ship tumbles and turns. The crew however made it through the day and will do so into the night when taking stations are called.


32 59s / 152 09e


Wind: E at 25 knots Weather: Wind and rain squalls Swell: 2-3 metres Course: 040 true Speed: 4 knots