Captain's Log
V04/19 Hobart to Sydney
21 February 2019

Day 8 – Command Day…Sydney Here We Come!

Ahoy shipmates…I’m on holidays so I’ll hand you over to the pirates who have taken Command…fair winds, captain Kenny.——Captain’s Log – Day 8
Good Evening from Young Endeavour! After last night’s elections most people were very excited to see what Command Day had in stall for the crew. The good news was that the winds were going to be in our favour. The bad news, however, was that we got north easterly and southerly swells – it was just choppy and confusing from the moment we left Jervis Bay. This made for a lot of rocking of the boat and half the team feeling seasick. I am very proud that everyone pushed through and were able to get all the sails we needed out, as well as keeping the beautiful smiles on their faces and maintain their unbreakable spirit. Being down in the cafe and galley during our first few hours at sea today really tested the stomachs of our chefs. Jule, Courtney and Max Moritz did an amazing job managing their fatigue and seasickness and all our crew did their part by going downstairs and helping them when they really needed it. They prepared a delicious meal that was American themed, meaning many types of ribs, a prawn cocktail and an apple crumble for dessert. An encounter with the EAC made for uncomfortable sailing, however provided the perfect opportunity for some fantastic Finding Nemo quotes. The youth crew continues to command the ship, heading up the coast towards Sydney and hopefully calmer waters. So far Captain Paige is doing an excellent job making sure everything is running smoothly, with the support of her fantastic team. Everyone is busy trying to complete all the challenges that have been posed, with everything from knot tying to song writing being attempted, whilst continuing the all important management of all things sailing.


34 44s / 151 00e


Wind: SSE at 25kts Weather: Overcast and scattered showers Swell: Confused Course: 025 Speed: 4kts Location: South of Wollongong