Captain's Log
V05/21 Newcastle to Brisbane
13 June 2021

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1…and finally…the Rope Swing!

DAY 8 – Command Day Commences
We Youthies were lucky enough to start our very big day with a full night’s sleep, a beautiful sunrise and Eric Clapton blaring through our cabins. Anchored off the lovely Mooloolaba, we enjoyed a BBQ breakfast out on the deck; bacon and eggs on freshly baked rolls. Thankyou Keely! Next up was our morning brief, where we learnt the origins of ‘two, six heave’ in the usual and very unique Young Endeavour fashion. Upon completing our happy hour tasks, spirits were high and Youthies enjoyed our small chance to have music, by dancing around in the Galley. Daggy dance moves is fast becoming our last resort for entertainment on the ship! Finally it was time for ‘opposites’, where the Youthies in leadership positions were briefed about what their role entailed for the next 24 hours. At ten o’clock, the ship was handed over, and a list of 25 tasks to complete was given to the Youthies. Before fully diving into the responsibilities of command day, Captain Khushi decided it was necessary for us all to enjoy where we were anchored and the beautiful weather conditions. We spent the first hour of the day, jumping off the Bowsprit and swinging off the rope swing. Every one of us had a go, some even attempting backflips. Following the fun, we finalised the watch times for the next 24 hours and got to work, setting and furling a few sails and delegating tasks. With not much wind, we are still using the engines, travelling in a straight path with an estimated arrival at our target point at 8am. Well fed by our new Supreme Chefs Laura and Roy, we now have two six hour watches ahead of us. Half of our tasks have been completed. We are all in for a big night, but finally have a lovely little crescent moon in the sky to keep us awake. Wish us luck!


26 47s / 153 21e


Wind: N at 4 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 180 Speed: 4 knots (motor-sailing) Location: East of Caloundra