Captain's Log
V07/19 Brisbane to Mackay
18 May 2019

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1 and Farewell Percy Islands.

Ahoy shipmates…Command Day is upon us and at 1000 this morning I handed over the ship to the Youth Crew Captain Alex and his team. You know what that means…I’m on holidays (well sort of)! Fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
Captains Log
Day 8- Command Day
Ahoy shipmates…the weather is in our favour today as we continue to comfortably sail at 7knts while occasionally reaching 8-8.5knts; with a good southerly of 15-20 knots directly on ships stern. At this rate maintaining our current speed I expect us to arrive at Refuge Bay in approximately 6.5 hours therefore arriving around 0230. But today differed from others as the staff of the Young Endeavour are currently on holiday for 24 hours, and the youthies are in charge…I’ll let Jess explain furthermore below, acting CO Alex Hayden —— Captains Log Day 8 – 18 May 2019. The day began as per usual; waking up at 0630 to Ivanka’s music and relaxing morning exercises, followed by Marcus’ scrumptious pancakes loaded with berries, bacon and syrup. After yet another exciting morning brief, happy hour was underway accompanied by the crews wonderful singing and dancing. A damage control drill was held at 0900 maintaining the staff crew’s proficiency as the youth crew watched from the bow of the ship. Then at 1000…the ship was handed over to us…the youth crew! Last night various votes were taken to choose our new Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, Watch Officer, Watch Leaders and Master Chefs for the next 24 hours… COMMAND DAY! Our new crew are Alex as Captain, Huw as Sail Master, Tegan as Navigator, Dion as Watch Officer, Jai, Ben.G and Harry as Watch Leaders and Cameron, Rylee and Matty as Master Chefs. The staff members enjoyed their rest as they watched the youth crew sail off from Middle Percy Island and begin our journey to Scawfell Island with orders to arrive by 0900 tomorrow. The youthies have successfully tacked, heaved and furled the sails along with climbing aloft, with no help from the staffies (we’re feeling proud) – Jess 


21 07s / 149 50e


Wind: SE at 18 knots Weather: Cloudy and Fine Sea: SE at 1.5m Course: 311 Speed: 6 knots