Captain's Log
28 July 2016


Ahoy there Shipmates,After a restful night at anchor off Rye Sail Master Paul woke us at 0700 for a quick game of ‘Evolution’ before breakfast. The youth crew were mustered at 0750 for the ceremony of ‘colours’ which was followed by the morning brief which featured ‘Salty’s’ explanation / demonstration of the origin of the expressions ‘to have someone over a barrel’, ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ and ‘not enough room to swing a cat’. The elected members of the youth crew then met their Staff opposite numbers for a chat on what their jobs entail. We then gathered everyone together at midships and at 1300 I handed the Ship over to Youth Crew Captain Bainger and his able-bodied crew for 24 hours. I also issued their task list and bid them every success.Next you will hear from Captain Bainger who will detail the youth crew’s adventures today and up to 1300 tomorrow.Until then,Yours AyeCaptain Mike——————————————————————————Ahoy there shipmates,After taking control of the ship at 1300 my youth crew sail master Tiff and navigator James took the task list we were given to the rest of the youth crew and divided the tasks evenly based on individual skills and prior obligations. Before I was given the navigation orders which are four way points the ship must pass through we had to complete two of the tasks, a beach assault and another group activity. The beach assault entailed six crew members paddling ashore and convincing the locals at Rye that they came in peace by holding the Australian flag as high as possible and singing the national anthem. The other group task we choose was to construct a hammock at midships that could hold the weight of the entire crew, this was built while we waited for the beach assault team to return. The navigator, sail master and myself then made the navigation plan for our journey across Port Phillip Bay, this would be used by the watch officers to steer the ship while the three of us slept. While all this was happening our three elected chefs cooked an Italian themed dinner and with the help of other youth crew decorated the galley in an Italian theme.At 1900 with the help of staff members we pulled up anchor, cut engines, were given full control of the ship and we are now moving with only sail power across the bay and will hopefully reach our anchoring point off Williamstown by tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow,Captain Bainger


38°13's / 144°58'e


Weather: fine, Wind: 245 / 35 knots, Swell: nil, Temp: 17 deg. C