Captain's Log
16 January 2014


Ahoy there Shipmates,After a restful night at anchor off Ulverstone, Sandy woke us with another of his daggy tunes at 0630. After a snappy breakfast we mustered the youth crew to participate in the ceremony of colours followed by a very brief morning brief.We then gathered everyone together at midships and at 1000 I handed the Ship over to Youth Crew Captain Annie and her able-bodied crew for 24 hours. I also issued their task list and bid them every success.Next you will hear from Captain Annie who will detail the youth crew’s adventures today and tomorrow up to 0800.Until then,Yours AyeCaptain MikeAhoy there shipmates,Command day commenced at 0800 with the passing over of the Captain’s hat and spyglass, soon followed by a celebratory song and swim from the Staffies. I received the details of our mission ahead and after a short brief with Sail Master Clay and Navigator Owen we began planning what was – and still is – bound to be a challenging but very rewarding 24 hours. Throughout the day we were kept busy with tasks such as building a hammock to support the entire crew, creating a chalk mural to depict our experiences so far, climbing aloft, and a raving disco with Nanna. Word on the ship is she was last seen sneaking below decks with a mysterious bearded seaman…The Chefos lived up to Aaron’s high standards and produced two delicious meals with dinner taking on an Oriental theme. More than a few harnesses are getting tighter by the day as the crew fight a battle between self control and over-indulgence!The ship weighed anchor at 1900 and despite a few minor hiccups, we are now proceeding towards the first of three checkpoints. We will sail continuously throughout the night and aim to reach our final destination off Devonport between 0600 and 0700.The Youthies are doing a fantastic job and I watch with pride as the day progresses. I have complete faith in their abilities to sail the ship and look forward to my remaining hours as Youth Captain!Until tomorrow,Captain Annie


40°59's / 146°6'e


Weather: fine, Wind: 105 / 10 knots, Swell: easterly at 1.0 metres, Temp: 20 deg. C