Captain's Log
15 May 2014


Ahoy there Shipmates,After a quiet night at anchor recharging our batteries Kenny woke the Crew at 0630 and got us up on deck for EMA between passing showers.We had morning brief straight after Colours followed by the usual ‘happy hour’. At 0900 we held ‘Opposites’ where the youthies coming into the leadership positions for Command Day get to talk to their Staffy ‘opposite number’ to find out what they do and get any ‘gems’ of advice from them.At 1000 we gathered the crew together at midships and I handed the ship over to its brand new Captain James and his able-bodied crew.Capt James will tell you all about Command Day and you will hear from me next after he hands it back to me at 1000 tomorrow.Yours, ayeCapt MikeAhoy there shipmates, Capt James here,At 1000 hours, all crew gathered midships for the ceremonial handover of the Young Endeavour from Captain Mike to me and, by extension, all of the youth crew!As one of my first orders as Captain, we set up the rope swing from the course yard and let the youth crew enjoy the waters of the Whitsunday’s while the youth command team unravelled the clues left by the staff as to where our final sailing destination for command day would be.The majority of the afternoon had the command team organising our navigational route and sail plan while the crew were busy completing some of the 22 tasks the staff had set out for us for our command day. These tasks were incredibly varied, from constructing a hammock midships to organising a Beach Assault Team who were required to paddle ashore, raise the Australian Flag on the beach and sing the National Anthem loud enough for everyone on the ship to hear (much to the amusement of some yachts anchored just offshore).The galley had a good workout today with my three youth chefos manning the stoves. They cooked up a range of delicious meals including a ‘spy-cee’ themed dinner which helped keep the morale of all the crew high.After dinner we had a final practice of our new tacking stations, as most of the youth crew would be in different watches and positions for command day, in preparation for our upcoming departure for the open seas.Thanks to the navigational abilities of our newly promoted youth navigator Lloyd, we are expected to depart Cid Harbour at 2000 hours with roughly 12 hours of sailing overnight to arrive at our final destination, Nara Inlet, between 0800 and 1000 hours tomorrow.Until tomorrow, yours aye,Youth Captain James


20°15's / 148°56'e


At anchor in Cid Harbour: Weather - overcast with passing showers, Wind - 210/13 kn, Swell - nil, Temp - 18 deg. C