Captain's Log
V05/19 Sydney to Newcastle
22 April 2019

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

Ahoy Shipmates…Command day has arrived so effectively I’m out of a job for 24 hours…feet up time. Over to Captain Jackson. Fair winds, Captain Kenny———–
An exciting day for us all as Command Day has finally arrived. We woke up in the usual fashion after anchoring off Broughton Island for the night, and after the always-exquisite breakfast from Marcus, and a thrilling edition of Happy Hour, the Youth of Australia took charge of their own ship and began their 24 hours in command. The command team running this testing 24 hours: Captain Jackson, Sailmaster Jessie, Navigator Aaron and Watch Officer Pat G.
We received our list of challenges, and the leadership got stuck into furiously planning out the day. The first task involved our watches showing off their knot knowledge, then, on a less serious note, a short disco was held in the 12 berth.
At 1330, we weighed anchor and set sail, following some favourable winds from the Northeast at 15 knots. After sails were set, we had a brief detailing the schedule of events as projected by the new youth command team. With the wind booming into all our staysails, we advanced through the briny blue at unexpectedly high speeds. Despite the speed and aspect of the ship, our crew set to depicting the adventure in a mural of chalk at midships. The fantastic mural beared the iconic packet of Sao’s biscuits (a remedy for seasick stomachs), the legendary tug of war match between Blue and Red watch, as well as our mighty vessel, the Young Endeavour.
The mighty ‘Life Skills’ team produced an impressive show. We had an educational brief by Lara and Sarah on how to competitively dive and how to do butterfly. All Staffies and Youthies were enlightened and are keen to put their new knowledge in action when the next man overboard is called. The series continued into a wonderful master class on how to cook popcorn by the wonderful Em. This presentation informed the crew of how to purchase popcorn and how to make it in a microwave, this dramatic display had us all in a fit. We concluded with a more serious session on the key points of CPR. Kieren reminded us of the things to remember and we’re all well informed for when we need it next.
The glorious weather continued well into the late afternoon. The crew got stuck into their planning for all the marvellous endeavours for the morning. The super chefs were in action cooking up a delicious dinner, everyone on board were impressed. We conducted a tack around 1900hrs and watches will continue to keep us on course overnight. Team morale is high and we’re collectively enjoying this challenge, hopefully we make it to all our way points. Command team out!


32 45s / 152 28e


Wind: ESE at 17 kts Weather: Fine Sea: E at 1.0m Course: 311 Speed: 6 kts Location: East of Port Stephens