Captain's Log
9 July 2010

Day 8 – Command Day Commences Captain Damien

Ahoy there everyone, Overnight remained at anchor in the lee of Point Cartwright in front off the dazzling lights of Mooloolaba. Anchor watches were well executed which allowed the Sail Master Kenny to display the first chink in his armour and allow the Youth Crew the opportunity to sleep in for a whole hour in preparation for their command day. A surprisingly quick morning brief was conducted, followed by Happy Hour (cleaning stations) which turned into funky half hour when the Staff Mess was converted into a dance club. After a solid 30 mins of physical exertion the Young Endeavour pool was opened enabling the crew to plunge into the refreshing waters to cool off. The majority of the crew chose to enter the water via the rope swing attached to the course yard or by the bowsprit; this provided some truly acrobatic pirouettes, somersaults and belly flops. Both activities had sharpened everyone’s appetite, Chef Snowy did not disappoint ensuring that his last meal prior to Command Day was truly inspirational before handing over his galley to the three elected Master Chefs. At 1300 all hands were mustered midships and the ship was formally handed over to Youth Captain Dahna and her team. I wish them all best for the next 24 hours in command of their majestic ship Young Endeavour.Until tomorrow I leave you with your Youth Captain Dahna, take careYours aye Captain Damien


26° 42' South / 153° 11' East


Clear Skies, Wind SW 5 knots, Swell nil, Temperature 21 degrees, Barometer 1021 hpa, Morale high