Captain's Log
14 August 2010


Ahoy there,Today marked a significant point on our journey as Youth Crew aboard the Young Endeavour: Command Day. At 1300 YE staff handed over the much awaited manila envelope containing our 21 challenges set for us to accomplish over the next 24 hours – sailing us through 4 waypoints to finally anchor in Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. Some tasks will be fun, complicated and tedious; others just long and strenuous. Although task #21 looks far from here we will work together to achieve our goals. Along with the tasks came three special items which we can make use of to help us – an encrypted Rubik’s Cube, a mariner’s telescope and tricorne hat.Following the handing over of the ship ceremony, it felt appropriate that we should once again open up the pool for a much needed swim, while the Watch Leaders, Officer of the Watch’s, Navigator, Sail Master and I discuss our next course of action.The complete lack of wind left us no choice but to be power up the Portside motor and get us away from Rattlesnake Island. 1nm further into Halifax Bay complete handover of control was given and sails were set. Given the 5 knot E to N/E winds our first mountain to conquer was to actually get moving.After approximately 4 or so hours, dodging 3 fast fishing trawlers (which we’re meant to give way to) and a couple of navigational mishaps we passed through our first of four waypoints. After a ‘quick and successful’ tack to starboard our current heading of 100� should get us directly through our next two waypoints.Meanwhile, our team is doing great work together throughout the three renamed and reformed watches: ‘Brownie Points, Notorious Neptune’s and Trash Endeavour’ and our three outstanding chefs Kat, Kayla and Aaron have already served up 36 awesome meals that far exceeded everyone’s expectations.Until tomorrow evenings log, take care.Yours AyeYouth Captain Heath


18°54's / 146°37'e


Clear Skies, Wind N 3 knots, Swell Nil, Temp 24 degrees, Barometer 1015 hpa