Captain's Log
22 September 2010

Day 8 – Command Day Commences

Ahoy there everyone, Young Endeavour remained anchored overnight at Patonga Beach, Broken Bay. The Youth Crew were awoken at 0630 with an energetic Early Morning Activity prior to morning brief and cleaning stations. The forenoon consisted of preparations for Command Day, then after a hearty lunch the ship was officially handed over to Captain Aaron and the Youth Crew at 1300 commencing their 24 hour mission to safely sail and navigate Young Endeavour to Sydney while achieving all scheduled tasks en-route. I will now hand over to the Youth Captain Aaron for his log entry.Yours ayeCaptain DamienAhoy there, Youth Captain Aaron, coming to you from tall ship Young Endeavour on Command Day. This is the day where we put our skills and knowledge of the ship we have been learning about for the past 7 days together and sail the ship in accordance with our navigational requirements to Port Jackson. After electing our team the previous night the Command team consists of the following members:Youth Captain: Aaron Sail Master: Tom Navigator: DeanWatch Officers: Karie, Jess and Kurtis Watch Leaders: Dan, Codie and SophiaAnd the most important ��� Chefs: John, Patto and SarraUpon assuming command at 1300 we were given a list of 21 tasks that need to be completed over the course of Command Day. The first major task we identified that needed to be completed before weighing anchor was that of locating the navigation plans.Once the plans were located, high up on the spreaders of the main sail, Dean eagerly got to work plotting our navigation plan to leave Broken Bay and make our way to Sydney. Once the Command Team were happy with the course and our plan was set we had the Young Endeavour Staff guide us through weighing anchor and taking us out in to a navigationally safe location for us to set our sails.Sail Master Tom set our sails and off we went! Our first real day of fully fledged sailing with no motors. Staff Sail Master Taffy informs me he has used his contacts to sort out some good weather for us to sail.The task list also consists of tasks we are very familiar with after having completed these routines daily as a youth crew but also a list of fun yet challenging individual and group activities that will see all members not only participate in Command Day but also have a lot of fun and really enjoy the 24 hours where we run the ship. As we set into our night watches, we are currently on track on our navigation plan, the task list is on its way to completion and we can see the the illuminated lights of beautiful Sydney.Until tomorrow, when I can write to you to inform you of how this amazing team of youth have performed.Yours aye,Youth Captain Aaron


33° 45' South / 151° 28' East


2000 - Scattered Cloud, Wind NE 12 knots, Swell SE 1.5 metres, Temperature 19 degrees, Barometer 1020 hpa