Captain's Log
V04/20 Adelaide to Melbourne
20 February 2020

Day 8 – Command Day

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 8 of our voyage. Rather than me write anything tonight I will handover to Youth Crew Captain Raffa and his crew who will tell you all about their day since taking over Command of Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow, take care. Captain Gav

Day 8: Command Day
We woke this morning from a calm night at anchor allowing for a much needed rest before the 24 hours of command ahead. All youthies are both excited and nervous about their roles and the responsibility of taking over the ship. The day started with Keely making some delicious fluffy pancakes with ice cream and berry toppings before the youthies in command positions went off for our one on one meeting with the staff to ask for any last minute advice.
At 1000 all staff and youthies gathered mid-ship where captain Gav commenced the handover ceremony giving over command of the ship to me as captain along with a fitting captain’s hat before declaring they are all now on holiday. The youth chefs were already straight to working hard on planning and preparing the days food in the gully and me and the others in command gathered together at the bridge to set course and plan out the day’s activities. 1115 came and lunch was served, chicken or steak burgers all made by the youth chefs keeping up with the tasty meals that would have made even Keely proud. Along with command of the ship the youthies also have 23 tasks to complete ranging from fun activities to steering the correct course all while the staff crew assess us of what we’ve learned as a crew and as individuals. Our first task in command was to weigh anchor at 1500, a tight schedule we had to keep to maintain good time sailing to our destination, tensions were high with a lot of confusion of roles and responsibilities but the youthies pulled through and the ship was sailing under our command.
There is a lot to do, with the daunting 24 hours now looking like no time at all to do it all, but with our confident and competent command and enthusiastic and well fed crew we should reach out destination in port Phillip Bay by our allocated time and prove to the staff and ourselves what we are really capable of.

Signing off,

Acting Captain Raffa.


39 28.1 S / 144 18.0 E


Currently located 10nm to the NE of Cape Wickham sailing under all three square sails and experiencing moderate-strong 15-20kt SSW winds with a 1.5m SSW swell. The temperature is 12 degrees but it feels colder.