Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
8 April 2021

Day 8 – Command Day

Ahoy there, readers! This special day started out like normal, with a lovely breakfast and hilarious morning briefing from the Staffies. The rope swing was then quickly set up and we were back-flipping over the seas of Whitehaven Beach. This was shortly followed with our final meal before us Youthies take control, lunch, and a sneaky slice of cake for our birthday girl, Happy 18th Keeley!

Thus started the tough part of the day, the start of our 24hr Command Day. 1300 was the time when we gained control and immediately set about understanding our instructions and reading the tasks assigned to us, all 24 of them… with the first task being to pick up some oars and row the dingy (with a perfectly good engine sitting silent) into shore and to search for the additional navigation instructions (X marked the spot). After our lengthy rowing session, we finalised our schedules and watches, and assigned tasks before finally getting underway with the Staffies kindly weighing anchor. Us Youthies then set our first combination of sails all by ourselves, albeit with a few mishaps.

Meanwhile, our Youthie Chefs Shay and Liam, had been preparing our dinner, with a pavlova to boot! We’ve now started our night long sail as we head for our multiple target waypoints around the Whitsundays. Hoping we’re still heading in the right direction and well on our way to completing the Command Day tasks, and keeping up the good vibes, come tomorrow morning! – With yawns and exhaustion, fellow Youthie Rachel. And a shout out to Jeremy, Mum, and Dad, missing you heaps and will see you all when I get back!


20 07.1 S / 149 19.1 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: ESE @ 10. Temp: 20. Swell: 090 @0.3.