Captain's Log
26 August 2010

Day 8 Command Day

Hi Everyone, Following a good nights rest at anchor the Youth Crew awoke to an unseasonally cold and wet morning. Following the normal morning brief and cleaning stations the Youth Crew Command Team were given 30 minutes with Staff so that they could ask relevant questions that may assist them with running the Ship. At 1300 I handed over the \’telescope of challange\’ and in doing so gave the Youth Crew the responsibility of running the Ship for the next 24 hours. During this period they will undertake many challanging tasks and hopefully enjoy themselves along the way. One of the many tasks is to complete the Captains Log for tonight and tomorrow so please find attached tonights entry from Youth Crew Captain Dan.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav COMMAND DAY CAPTAINS LOGV15/10 Hello from Captain (Danger) Dan on behalf of the youth crew of Voyage 15/2010,Today is Command Day and the Young Endeavour is being sailed by the youth crew. We assumed command at 1300 while the Young Endeavour was still anchored at Scawfell Island. The orders were to visit 5 waypoints ending with an anchorage off St Bees Island where we need to be by 1200 tomorrow. Further to this we were given 21 tasks to perform.Initially we assessed the instructions and weighed anchor at 1400. There was much confusion initially for the whole youth crew as we all adjusted to our altered watch teams that we were becoming so familiar with. For the command team there was the further challenge of familiarising ourselves with commanding the ship and how she handles. After overcoming these initial obstacles we proceeded west to our first waypoint. At 1930 we arrived at our first waypoint at 20��49.49’S 149��20.81’E where we did an accidental wear (jibe) and had the ship facing an island! Over the last hour or so we have been hectically trying to fix our direction and course to get us out of this situation but the winds are playing havoc (hence this Captain’s log is late)! During the night we will hopefully proceed to our remaining waypoints ideally arriving at the designated finish anchorage by 1200.A big thankyou must go out to Captain Gav and the crew of the Young Endeavour for this opportunity.Take care,Captain (Danger) Dan


20° 48' South / 149° 20' East


Currently located 4nm from Brampton Island and experiencing moderate SE winds with a .5m swell.