Captain's Log
8 January 2016

Day 8 – Command Day

Well, dear readers, you wouldn’t believe it, but we’re suddenly at day 8 and Command day.
Where has the time gone? I’m glad you asked. You see, time disappears into the exotic matter of quantum foam and is accessible through cosmic shortcuts we call wormholes… but more about that later.
This morning we awoke at 0630 to a great, day starter called ‘knights, mounts and cavaliers’, then we ate a nice big, bbq breaky, right up on deck with lovely Dunk Island in the background. Morning brief was a bit of an epic, with Salty going overboard on his role as nautical linguist, laying down stories on the origin of ‘letting the cat out of the bag’ and ‘not enough room to swing a cat’. Goodness me! That segment of his is getting bigger and bigger!!
Anyways, let me cut to the chase … a period of one-on-one time between elected youthies and their staff opposites took place after happy hour, for some last minutes tips and guidance, then we ate lunch. Finally, at 1300 we handed over the keys of the ship and the telescope of challenge, along with a Command Day Task List, and off we went for a jolly, holiday swim.
Well, that’s it from me as I have no idea what’s been happening since … I’ve been in a wormhole eating a nice big, bbq breaky all afternoon. Here is Captain Liam for his continuation of our log.

Ahoy land dwellers,
So…Today is the day. We have successfully committed mutiny against the staffies. It didn’t require any cutlasses, muskets or cannons. In fact at 1300 they sang a merry sea shanty that contained lyrics along the lines of “We’re going on a holiday, we’re going on a holiday.” Following this they handed me the Captains Hat, telescope and a list of instructions, smiling merrily as they jumped off the bow.
With the power of the ship ours the youthies led by a team, democratically elected the night before, which contained Seb, Bonnie, Lou(Watch Leaders), Jess (Navigator), JJ (Sailmaster) and Liam (Captain), prepared to set sail on the open seas. We also mustn’t forget the expert chefs; Grace, Byron and Nathaniel. Way better than Jenko 😉
Our first act as a command team… was to follow the instructions. Yeah I know, but the staffies are pretty excellent at their job. They left us a list of tasks. Some to make sure the ship ran well, other s to make sure we had fun and learnt something.
The task we ticked off first was to ensure we had proof we had taken over the ship, with an extremely attractive shot of everyone on the fore mast yards. Once this was completed, we sent a landing party to Mound Island to recover our navigation instructions. The staffies had taken the motor off the tender but we still managed to make ground with people and paddle. Since we couldn’t weigh anchor until we had retrieved our shore party, the remaining crew decided to relax in a hammock carefully made by them…that could hold all the youthies…and 2 really heavy staffies. 😉
We have since departed Dunk Island toward Fitzroy Island with the guidance of our prisoners…I mean, staffies, and after a delicious Mexican themed meal we are hoping to set the square sails and arrive at the island by 1000 at the latest.
Yours aye,
Captain Liam
P.S. We actually think Jenko is the best and Horto’s okay I guess 😉
Love to the Korrel clan and the cat
Howdy Eldridge fam, having a cracker of a time – Eve 
Shout out to the fam and my #1 fan McGellis, loving the warm weather. Much Love – Henry
To the Browns, having time of my life, no I will not wake up at home as early as I do on the ship. Liam


17 46 S / 146 13 E


Fine. Wind: none :( Swell: Nil Temp: 23