Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
26 October 2018

Day 8 – Captain’s Setting and Furling…and Cottage Point!

Ahoy Shipmates…daybreak found us just to the east of Barrenjoey Head in light conditions. At 0700 we commenced Captain’s Setting and Furling, where each watch has to set a series of sails unassisted, and observed by myself and engineer Horto. Before we hand the ship over tomorrow we need to be confident that the Youth Crew can complete these task safely, and I am pleased to report that they were all successful. It was then time for the final precursor to Command Day, the Captain’s Challenge. We handed in all sail and stopped the ship dead in the water…the Youth Crew’s task was to get us underway again using only sail power. They must have been paying attention during Sail Theory as they managed to set all the fore and aft sails, in the correct sequence, and in short time…well done them! We then took the ship to anchor off Cowan Creek in Broken Bay…just around the corner from the very picturesque Cottage Point. After lunch and a quick climb to put a sea furl in the square and main sails, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore to the Cottage Point Cafe for some time ashore and coffee/snacks. Once all were back onboard, I gave the Command Day brief, advising of the positions to be filled and the associated responsibilities. It was then time for another delicious tead deck bbq in peaceful surrounds, after which the Youthies conducted their Command Day elections…congratulations to Captain Michael, Sailmaster Beth, Nav Tom, Watch Officer Nelly, Watch Leaders Liam, Cole, Harrison, and Chefs Lenor, Olivia and Ethan. As I write the ship is settling into anchor watches for a restful night in preparation for tomorrow’s challenges. The fun begins! Until then…fair winds…Captain Kenny.


33 35s / 151 13e


Wind: NE at 5 knots Weather: Fine Swell: Nil Location: At anchor near Cottage Point