Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
8 March 2021

Day 7 – Whitsundays R Us

Can you believe it, dear readers? It’s day 7 already! Cor blimey, as Sail Master Reggie would say (he’s an Englander don’t you know). So anyway, the ship remained at sea overnight, loitering in the vicinity of Whitsunday Passage as we were well ahead of schedule. And when the sun rose, We had one last task to do, before we could proceed to anchor. This was a thing called “Captain’s setting and furling”, which, as the name suggests, is an activity whereby each watch sets and furls a couple of sails with myself and Sumo the engineer, assessing their competence prior to Command Day. Well ladies and gentlemen, our little sea puppies did us all very proud.

And when they all met with Command approval, we did proceed into our anchorage in the vicinity of Hayman Island and Langford reef. We then launched our seaboat and went in for a wee snorkle around the reef and giant turtle sculpture. Fun! Back onboard hamburgers were on the menu with Chef Adam’s special sauce. Thanks Chef Adam, you’re the best cooker ever! (more ice cream for me! ha) Then we’d had enough of that place so we took off again, this time for a little beach you may have heard of… Whitehaven Beach? Only the best beach in the world don’t you know, as voted for by… well me. It’s a pretty good beach, ok? The youthies went ashore for a little beach inspection and they gave it the nod too. It’s unanimous then. Then it was back onboard for BBQ dinner.

Meanwhile, the youthies were all thinking about who would be Captain and Sail Master, etc. for Command Day tomorrow… but instead of thinking about it for a moment longer, they had a vote then and there. Guess who will be Captain and Sail Master etc then? Well, let me introduce… Captain Hannah… Sail Master Matt… Navigator Keeley… Watch Leaders Will and Elyse… and Chefs Liam and Shay. The remaining youthies will be split into two watches, East and West. What fun! I can’t wait to put my feet up and binge watch Vikings!… I mean, I cant wait to monitor their safety and mentor appropriately to ensure they have a successful Command Day… ok and then, they watched a movie under the stars and ate pop corn.

Youthies have since crashed hard BTW, little darlings… Wish they’d keep the snoring down though! Sheesh!!. Oh well, we will remain here at Whitehaven Beach until Command Day begins at 1300 tomorrow. Stay tuned until tomorrow night to hear how they went. Weee! Good night. Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


20 17.3 S / 149 03.3 E


Weather: Fine. Wind: Nil. Swell: Nil. Temp: 20.