Captain's Log
22 February 2015

Day 7 – Sunday Routine

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 7 of our voyage. Today being Sunday we have enjoyed a day of rest(well a little rest). We have still managed to keep our watches, do a PT class and celebrate two birthdays. Tonight Cassie and White Watch have taken on the duties of writing the Captains Log so please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavWorld Voyage 2015 Leg Two 22nd FebAhoy there Sailors, Family, Friends and avid Captains log readers from White Watch. We’re now on Day 7 of our World Voyage and what a day it has been. Sunday is typically a rest day from our usual jobs here on board the Young Endeavour, however our scheduled watches continued as per usual. The Whiteys started last night on a 20:00 – 24:00 watch, with a much needed rest for 8 hours until we started again at 08:00 this morning for another 4 hours.We are still steaming ahead in a North East direction towards Cape Verde using both the motors and 5 of the 10 sails. The wind has been great to us over the last 48 hours so we’ve been cruising at a fairly consistent 8 knots. We have a few keen climbers here in White watch, making the most of the beautiful sunrises, sunsets and night skies from the top of the mast. I’ve personally never seen the Milky Way look quite as amazing as it does from the middle of the Atlantic. From what started as quite a nerve racking experience climbing up the rigging, everyone has done a complete 180 and everyone has turned into little climbing monkeys. The weather gods have also blessed us with lovely sunny days, cool breezes and just enough shady spots to crawl under for a siesta.  We are lucky enough to be celebrating two birthdays here on the Young Endeavour today. A big Birthday shout out to Nicole from White watch, and Robert from Red watch! Aaron our chef and his two little helpers have cooked up a storm this afternoon with a mountainous chocolate cake compete with caramel sauce and a slightly melted but still delicious pavlova to fuel our sweet tooths for the evenings watches. As a result of the hungry tummies, delightful cake and limited fridge space we have had a much higher rate of Double Duffing than usual, but that was definitely warranted.  The staff kicked most of us into gear this afternoon with some much needed exercise. After a warm up of wresting and human pile ups, Taffy and Lauren set up a circuit course with around 16 stations for a boot camp extravaganza. Everything from skipping, fender kicking, sit ups, push ups, heavy rope slaps (using the berthing ropes), burpies and tricep dips were involved, with the added extra of stabilising on a rocking tall ship. Most of us are feeling a lot more energised now and look forward to some regular work outs every second day. We’ll all be Military ready in no time.  We have another shout out to Lindsey, Taffy & Shaun. Our Reverse Osmosis Plant broke down today and put a scare through the Crew, however Lindsey and Taffy came to the rescue with their fine engineering skills. The lads worked in the engine room in 50Deg Celsius for a couple of hours to change out the Low Pressure Pump and Motor with the spare they thankfully had on board. They came out absolutely saturated with perspiration, with their clothes soaked through. It was then Shaun’s turn to take over wiring it up electrically and setting it to work (someone has to be the smart one hey Shaun?). Thanks guys we appreciate all your work in enabling our voyage to continue as planned.  That’s it from White Watch this evening. We’re all having a whale of time and can’t wait to see what the Atlantic throws at us tomorrow. Over and Out.Cassie   P.S. A big hello to all my family and special friends back in Hobart. Also everyone in at the Holman Clinic, hope you’re not working too hard! Cass   PPS. Hello Mum, Dad, family and beloved friends watching from home! I’m still alive and kicking, the ocean out here is gorgeous, and I’ve only fed the fish 5 times haha xx Clare  PPPS. Hi everyone – thanks Mum & Dad for the great birthday present. I’m so glad I carried my Fisherman’s Friends across the Andes (if only I knew, I could have used their powers earlier!) xoxoxox Nicole  PPPPS, Hey Mum, Dad, Steffi and my lovely friends, I’m having an absolutely amazing time here on the ship and couldn’t have asked for a better adventure for the year. Thinking of you all xxx Tilda  P.P.P.P.P.S. Hey Mum and Dad. I have come to realise that I did not quite know what it was that I was biting off when I applied for this trip, but I can honestly say that it has proved to be a challenge and adventure in equal parts, and I am so happy that I decided to come. Despite not being the most comfortable person with heights (thanks Dad), I have made it my mission to climb the masts (both fore and aft) as much as I can, all 35m if them. Today I was up the main mast all the way to the very top (and I believe that I was the first of the youth crew to do so) and was up the fore mast 3 times, once for sun rise, once for sun set, and once in the middle of the day for good measure. I can say that being up on the upper top at any time is like being in another world, but during the twilight hours and dusk/dawn it is truly awe inspiring and surreal. It is like being on another planet, and I get a little bit teary eyed every time I clime aloft. That is all for now, love you all heaps. Pass on my love to Jed and Tamara. Xoxo Eden.  PPPPPPS Hi Mum, Dad and Bella! Say hi to everyone for me and let them know that Poseidon hasn’t won yet. I’m having a great time and looking forward to Cape Verde. Paddy, you really should have stressed the ‘one hand for yourself’ rule! Talk to you all soon. YM&OF. Andrew  PPPPPPPS Hi Mum, Dad and Thea and my amazing girlfriend Jack. I am having a jolly good time, as you all know my heart is at sea, I can’t wait to tell you of my adventures. To mum I wish all the best in your upcoming surgery, I wish I could be there. Give Sid and Bert a big bear hug for me as well. Lots of love Ted  “ 


17° 35' South / 36° 1' West


Currently located 560nm NE of Rio and enjoying moderate 10-15kt ESE winds with a 1m ENE swell. Current temperature is 24 degrees.