Captain's Log
9 February 2012

Day 7 – Sea to Sugarloaf Bay

Ahoy there, Well another exciting night! We continued to motor-sail with the Fore and Main Staysails set, sailing as close to the wind as we dare in order to make as much ground towards our destination as possible. The other factor is comfort and trying to allow those off watch to get some sleep. Unfortunately the swell was close to the beam so it was an uncomfortable night. The excitement consisted of a storm front which hit the Ship during the First Watch. We were just finishing setting the Storm Tri-sail when it hit us so there were some exciting moments. Rico and Dougie did an amazing job of controlling the task in very arduous conditions, ably assisted by the members of White watch who did a fantastic job. We came out the other side of the front with a few bruises here and there but a real sense of achievement. But things weren’t over for the Whities; they also completed a one-watch-tack, which was no mean-feat in the high winds and big seas. As the first watch was being handed over conditions seemed to be improving, but it wasn’t for long as the wind speed increased again and veered 20 degrees or so putting the seas more on the beam and making us roll more! At 0700 the Red watch woke the Ship with their morning song, the lyrics for which they composed themselves, to the tune of the ‘Chicken Dance’. After breakfast and the changeover of watches we had the morning brief. We heard from Tim, who advised us we had motor sailed 113 nautical miles in the last 24 hrs and Salty who explained the nautical origin of the expression ‘to shake a leg’. We then stood down the crew, not on watch, to try and catch up on some of the missed sleep overnight. As various squalls passed the Ship, during the day, we adjusted our course as the wind shifted, but essentially we made ground towards Port Stephens. After lunch Rico organised a game of ‘Ship’s Assassin’ which kept the participants amused for few hours. As our progress to Port Stephens was going to have us anchoring at approximately 0300 tomorrow it was decided to change our anchorage for tonight to Seal Rocks instead. We achieved a sheltered anchorage in Sugarloaf Bay just after 2100 with the intent of sailing mid-morning to achieve Captain’s Setting and Furling tomorrow, in transit to Port Stephens. I have the following Father’s Day messages to pass on from the crew: Happy Father’s Day Dad! I hope your day was as fun as mine! Love James Turton Happy Father’s Day My love and thoughts are with you always. All my love Michelle Powell Happy Father’s Day Daddy. Hope you had a goodie. Love Gabriella Michl XX Happy Father’s Day Dad, thanks for being a great Dad and always looking out for me. Love from Blake Kelly Happy Father’s Day David! Love Chris Hutton Happy Father’s Day papa George! Miss you lots and lots, Walrus. Love Sahra Castanzo XX Happy Father’s Day Dad! Hope you had a good one, see you on the other side. Love Ash Butler XOX Happy Father’s Day ole’ Tezza! Love Sophie! XX (Your favourite Chumbucket) Hey Mum, having an amazing time. Bit sick – you were right but still managing the 12 am wakeup. Can’t wait to see you in Newcastle. Lots of love Harriet Goers Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for sending me here, I have a new personal best for vomiting! 13 times so far! (what up!) 😛 Love from Buzz Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thank you for all you have done. Love Josh Frerk Happy Father’s Day Dad! Thanks for encouraging me in everything I have done. Love Sean Boyle Hey Ross I’ll show you this when I get back. Hey Dad. Happy Father’s Day! Hope you’ve had a great day sorry I couldn’t be there. Missing you guys, see you in a week. Lots of love Jen Bullers XXX Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day. Hope you had a good day. I’ll try and pick you up some Krispy Kremes at the airport. XOX Rach Campbell Hey Me, I know you’re wishing me a happy Father’s Day Sam, Noah and Jasper. I love you very much XOX Mwa Steve Walky Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day! Hope it was a lovely day. Enjoy the new found power. Love you & CYA on Thurs! Tim Sillar Dearest Fajrah, Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad there is! Hopefully you got my epic card! Love you and miss you a tonne! XOXO Avara! Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day! I hope you had a wonderful day & I’m sorry I’m not there to spend it with you. Thanks for being there for me all the time. Sending all my love from the Tasman Sea. XOXO Kelley Priest Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day! I hope you have had a great day and that by reading this you will realise that I haven’t forgotten about you, you’re never far from my mind. Miss you! Love Meghan Garcia Dear Glenn, Hope you had a great Father’s Day! Annie better have cooked you a good dinner. We’re on the EAC Dude! Love Jess Dear Brett, Happy Father’s Day. Sorry I wasn’t there to spend it with you but I’m having so much Fun. Love Kim Gash XO Until tomorrow. Yours aye, Captain Mike


32° 26' South / 152° 32' East


At anchor in Sugarloaf Bay:Wind: Light and Variable Sea: Nil Swell: Nil Temp: 12 deg C