Captain's Log
23 March 2014

Day 7 – Sea to Port Stephens

Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the ship continued to motor-sail towards the entrance to Port Stephens and the Ship was called to Tacking Stations at 2300 to take us onto the port tack in order to make some more ground to the north before coming back to the starboard tack during the morning watch. At 0700 Lindsey and I began the Captain’s Setting and Furling assessments doing Blue Watch first followed by Red Watch. This activity enable me to evaluate each watch’s ability to safely set and furl sails, without staff present. This is a requirement before progressing to Command Day. We held Morning brief at 0800, attended by ‘Salty’, who explained why we ‘split the dog watches’ with the aid of Staff Crew ‘actors’ and ‘Nana’, who once again had found a pile of clothing left lying around the sleeping quarters. She also added the song ‘Bananas’ to our repertoire. Lindsey and I then did the final Captain’s Setting and Furling assessment of White Watch. All three watches passed the assessment. After Happy Hour and while they were still on a high after their success in the morning assessment, I gave the youth crew my Captain’s challenge, which was to set all the sails; with the exception of the Fisherman’s Staysail, the Main Gaff Topsail and the Fore Staysail; within one hour, without any input from staff. This they successfully achieved! We then headed in to Port Stephens, anchoring again off the marina. We launched the boat and then put the Youth Crew ashore for a couple of hours to stretch their legs and give them a break from the Ship before tomorrow’s busy schedule. On their return I briefed the youth crew on the aims and requirements of Command Day, which is planned to occur between 1pm tomorrow (Mon 24) and 1pm Tue 25. After a fabulous upper deck BBQ turned-on by Haydo, the youthies were then given 60 min to conduct their Command Day elections, the results of which are as follows: Captain: Vanessa Picker Sail Master: George Chadwick Navigator: Michelle Wang Watch Leaders: Brendan O’Reilly, Kendra Harrisson and Mitch Hulbert Watch Officers: Brianna Sparre, Rachel Baier and Michael Mattey Chefs: Hailey Nicholls, Joseph Fahey and Kayla Gates Congratulations to all members of the Youth Crew for what they have achieved in the Voyage so far and to those successful office holders for Command Day. After dinner we screened the film ‘Around Cape Horn’, which details the adventures of Captain Irving Johnson when he sailed as an ordinary seaman through storms around Cape Horn onboard the massive bark ‘Peking’. The intention is to remain in our current anchorage overnight and conduct the handover of the Ship to the Youth Crew at 1300 tomorrow. That will begin the adventure and challenge that is Command Day in Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening when we will also hear from Youth Captain Vanessa. Yours Aye Captain Mike


32° 43' South / 152° 8' East


Weather: fine, Wind: 025/7 knots, Temperature: 18 deg. C