Captain's Log
V20/18 Sydney to Sydney
15 December 2018

Day 7 – Rope Swing, Patonga Beach, Hiking and Another Storm

Ahoy Shipmates…A misty morning greeted YE this morning in the very picturesque Jerusalem Bay…so good we’re back for seconds!
After breakfast and a quick morning brief we put to sea to conduct Captains Setting and Furling, where I assess the Youth Crew’s ability to set and furl sails safely. Good news, they all passed! It was then to anchor off Patonga Beach for some rope swing action, a shore excursion, then a return to Jerusalem Bay for weather avoidance (storms anyone?). Command Day elections have just completed…congrats to all…Captain Michael, Sailmaster Adz, Nav Hastie, Watch Officer Sarah, Watch Leaders Liv, Pip and Doug, Masterchefs Elle, Ronan and Drew. Good luck! That’s it from me…fair winds Captain Kenny——

I ran away to sea, I climbed aboard a pirate ship, the Captain said to me!
This morning we woke up to jellyfish blobbing through the heavy fog and light breezes of the Hawkesbury River. After doing our warm-up laps around the ship to Bagaz’s substantially adequate playlist, we were welcomed by Ivanka’s fluffy reindeer boots and Croatian Christmas tales of being beaten by her grandma (not really). Merry Christmas! Salty enlightened us with some more boat knowledge and then Aunty Beryl came back to return some shoes she found and take us through her latest sea shanty and dance routine.
After Captain Kenny confirmed our team work and seamanship skills through the Captain’s Setting and Furling challenge, we were blessed by the graceful Guv on the rope swing. A great half-hour jumping off the bow-sprit and backflips off the rope swing, plummeting several metres into the river, everybody was allowed to let their hair down after long days at work on rocky seas, although Mackhi let his hair down a little earlier, literally not figuratively.
Jerome then shipped us ashore into Patonga beach where we participated in some physical training, played dodgeball and other team building games, where we were able to become closer and work with each other. While some hiked up to a breath-taking lookout, others enjoyed immersing themselves in the local culture by walking about the town and indulging in the local cuisine of hot chips and icy poles.
Returning onto the boat when our SPF 50+ sunscreen began to fade, we enjoyed our delicious teak-deck barbecue onboard after the rain passed. This was a great way to mingle for the next hour after our Command Day briefing and before nominations for Command Day…a day where the youthies take Command of the ship for 24 hours and complete a series of challenges. The Command Day election was conducted by the youthies. Despite feeling like the Australian Senate at times, we witnessed democracy in action and collectively voted for our Command Day leaders. Let’s just hope that nobody calls a spill in the next couple hours….
Until next time,
Adam & Mike xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


33 35s / 151 12e


Wind: 5 knots Weather: Thunderstorms/passing showers Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay (again)!