Captain's Log
22 November 2011

Day 7 – Port Arthur

Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day seven, the morning commenced at 0700 with another rousing tune this time from Red Watch which commenced immediately with a Captain’s Sail Setting and Furling assessment. I assessed each watch in their ability to safely set and furl sails without their staff Watch Leaders to ensure that they were ready to control the ship when they assume command at 1300 on Wednesday for 24 hours. With great satisfaction each watch successfully achieved the required standard. The ship then conducted a wear adjacent Tasman Island and shaped a course into the confines of Port Arthur buffeted by 35 knot winds and isolated showers, all sail was handed in and the ship proceeded to anchor adjacent the Isle of the Dead, Carnarvon Bay. The Youth Crew where transferred ashore in the ships sea boat to once again test their sea legs on solid ground for a few hours exploring the ruins of the Port Arthur Historic Site. Once back onboard the ship, a fantastic dinner was consumed al fresco on the upper decks as the sun slowly set, this was followed by the Youth Crew electing their Command Team, which will shortly be in the capable hands of Youth Captain Kiaran and his team. After another very busy day, the Youth Crew have settled down for the night, to achieve a good night’s rest in anticipation and preparation for tomorrow’s commencement of Command Day. Our last seven days at sea had seen significant developments in the overall journey of our young adventurers. They have progressed enormously both individually and collectively as the voyage continues to gain momentum. Command Day approaches with great anticipation for all. The intention is remain at anchor prior to weighing the following afternoon for the adventure and challenge that is Young Endeavour. Today was also a very special day for Youth Crew member Acacia who turned 20 years old, before retiring for the night the crew celebrated with a hand crafted chocolate cake in her honour. Acaia also posted a few words below, until tomorrow evening when you will read the exploits of the ship from Captain Kiaran, take care. Bday shout out Hey Mum. Dad, Tashi, Jarin, Sammy, family and friends,It’s been an amazing 7 days so far sailing down the east coast of Taz. We spent today exploring Port Arthur and it’s been a magical way to spend my 20th bday with my 27 new friends. Although it has come with it’s challenges, particularly climbing aloft at 3am this morning over the dark rocky sea! I’ve received your messages from India and Warrnambool and it’s given me some good vibes going into command day tomorrow. The rest of the crew send their love to their families and we wanted you all to know that we’re all having SO MUCH FUN! xo ACACIA


43° 8' South / 147° 51' East


2300 at anchor - weather overcast, wind W 8 knots, swell nil, temperature 13 degrees, barometer 1011 hpa