Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
12 June 2019

Day 7 – Patonga Beach and Jerusalem Bay!

Ahoy land lubbers…Day 7…and Command Day looms!
Over to my youthful shipmates, Captain Kenny.———-Floral Friday took flight with a cracking Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack to muster the crew to early morning tacking stations. After a return to bed and a few more hours catching Z`s the youthies arose to Timmy Trumpets “Freaks”, chosen by Baggers to the dismay of some. Yet another outstanding breakfast on behalf of Keely with a combination of quiche, eggs to order and crispy bacon warmed the hearts of the crew once again. The Captains Challenge (setting and furling) soon followed pushing each watch to independently without staff watch leaders, safely set the Forestaysail, Topgallant Staysail and Main Staysail. Captain Kenny was happy with each watches performance much to the youthies relief. A surprise man overboard exercise was conducted by the staff and displayed the importance of remaining calm under pressure in those serious situations. The man overboard or “life ring” was recovered safely and swiftly by Ivanka who braved the seas in her rescue supported by a combination of youth and staff. Entering Broken Bay the youthies felt an overwhelming sense of “Australian Pride” after seeing the filming location of Home and Away at Palm Beach. We were blown away by the stunning scenery of the NSW coast line, a side of Australia many have never laid eyes on before. We anchored near the entrance to Broken Bay and all watches were sent ashore Patonga were we feasted on milkshakes and hot chips from the local kiosk before heading to the beach to cool off. Games of touch were played in the best spirit on beach and oval before jumping off the jetty to enjoy the salty yet refreshing waters of Broken Bay. The smoke of the bush fires coveted the stunning landscape and we found it hard not to empathize with those battling or effected by the fires. We headed back to the ship and motored through a breath taking tidal dominated semi mature drowned estuary into Jerusalem Bay. Stunning BBQ dinner on deck with music pumping and a banging pav to finish it all off from Keely was superb. Tonight was Command elections which were run smoothly and with precision by Alana and Laserboy (congrats to Captain Ben), followed by a movie before bed. All together a great day and great learning experience for all.


33 35s / 151 12e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Jerusalem Bay.