Captain's Log
V01/21 Sydney to Sydney
19 February 2021

Day 7 – Patonga Beach, A Hike, Rope Swing….and Back to Sea.

Ahoy shipmates…Day 7…time flies when you’re having fun! Another epic day on Young Endeavour, described eloquently below by Tayla with a late assist from Sandro…so I’ll keep it short. We have left the sheltered waters of Broken Bay and are back at sea with no wind and sloppy conditions…who’d be a sailor! Light conditions can just as challenging as strong…and Command Day looks light on for wind. All are in good spirits and will spend the night at sea honing their sail handling and navigation skills in preparation for Command Day…36 hours away and counting. Until tomorrow, fair winds,Captain Kenny
———– Ahoy there mates.
It’s Floral Friday. Day 7 of our voyage was packed with adventure as we explored the beauty of Broken Bay in our floral shirts. This morning, the youthies and staff woke up to a stunning sunrise in the calm waters of Jerusalem Bay. After some warm up laps around the ship taking in the sun’s rays, we met at midships for a game of Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers. Following eggs benny for breakfast, the youthies met at the bridge for Colours. Salty & Co productions made another appearance dressed in full costume, today telling us the origin of the heads (toilets). After a good laugh at the staffies and their exceptional acting skills, we performed the banana dance with Nana. It was then time for Happy Hour ‘the happiest time of the day’. Once the ship was in ship shape, we had the important lesson with Captain Kenny on sail theory and how to sail the Young Endeavour to prepare us for the upcoming command day. After, a few youthies had the chance to climb the mast as we lifted the anchor to sail out again. The views sailing out of Jerusalem Bay were unreal surrounded by the water, lots of big jellyfish and lush mountain faces. Once we anchored in Patonga Beach, Captain Kenny made the best decision to let the youthies fly out on the Rope Swing. All youthies made it out to the side swinging into the water. There was lots of laughter as the youthies and staff attempted to backflip, only to land on their backs or belly flop. Lunch today was on the decks, as we basked in the sun, enjoying our burgers and wedges. After lunch, everyone headed out to land to hike along the Great Northern Track. There were plenty of stunning views along the walk, making the perfect backdrop for some photos. To cool off after our hike, we headed to the beach for a quick dip before heading back to the ship. Soon after returning the anchor was lifted as we set sail towards Port Hacking. Chef Adzy cooked up a storm of Satay Chicken and Beef Ribs. Following dinner the Young Endeavour crew were called to tacking stations for demonstration tacks, where we observed the roles of the bridge staff during tacking stations. After a jam packed day we now have to time to rest and prepare for our overnight watches. Nighty, night! Tayla and Sandro.


33 40s / 151 29e


Wind: E at 4 knots Weather: Passing rain squalls Sea: Sloppy Course: 160 Speed: 4 knots Location: Off Summer Bay (Palm Beach)