Captain's Log
12 September 2022

Day 7 – Noosa stopover

Ahoy dear readers! Day 7 found us motorsailing from the north end of Fraser Island towards Moreton Bay with Youth Crew conducting teambuilding exercises overnight. A little bit of navigation, sail handling and climbing practice as well. Sail handling validation of each watch then commenced at 0800, putting them through their paces to ensure when setting and furling sails, they are safe and competent. They passed with flying colours, ladies and gents, and celebrated by cleaning the ship 🙂

The ship then anchored off Noosa as lunch was served. Then at 1300, another round of Shaun the Engineer’s famous Rope Races. Bit of an unsung hero our Shaun (but gee can he sing!). He makes all the electricity and fresh water etc… deals with the plumbing… Good on ya Shaun! We love you buddy.

Anyway, where was I? Ok Youth Crew then donned togs and we opened the pool, rope swing and all. What fun! There was flipping and flopping and lots of frivolity, great stuff. More fun followed with some deck games led by our suitability candidates, Bec, Kate and Paddy, before they all plonked at midships for a wee bit of a rest.

Yours truly then gave them the Command Day brief. Yes, dear readers, Command Day is nigh, tomorrow in fact. So I explained all the ins and outs and what to expect, basically that from 1000 tomorrow I will hand over the ship, providing them with a list of tasks they will need to achieve and a set of navigational instructions they will be required to follow, as they will be sailing this fine vessel from point A to point B through C, D and E. They told me they were up for the challenge and I don’t doubt them. We’ve prepared them as best we can and I believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

With that done, Shaun and Jarod had cooked up a smashing BBQ (those two!<3) and we all feasted till our bellies were full. But that wasn’t all folks, next was Command Day Elections!

And I can proudly announce the following elected Youth Crew Command Day positions: Captain – Sienna, Sailmaster – Blake, Navigator – Jackson, Watch Officer – Colby, Watch Leaders – Hollie, Jess, Joseph, and (the most important!) chefs – Ava, Daly and Ali. Well done everyone. I’m sure you will serve your crew well.

To round the evening out we set up the projector topside and screened our favourite movie as the ship calmly rolled and the stars twinkled overhead… What an evening… What a day! Well ladies and gents, boys and girls, we have a massive day ahead of us tomorrow so I’m about to turn in.

Youth Crew will keep us safe overnight conducting anchor watches, so until tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.

Captain Adam Charlie Farley+