Captain's Log
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
23 November 2019

Day 7 – Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay…and Command Day Elections!

Ahoy ship mates, and greetings from Chain Bay (Batemans Bay). Judgig by the efforts of Jess and Aisha…not much for me to add…Command Day looms. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Ahoy there mates! Jess and Aisha here and after one week at sea, we sure are salty!

We started the day with a solid game of ‘evolution’, – this is where we evolved from eggs to chickens to dinosaurs to Power Rangers and finally Katy Perry…. It’s a bit like Rock, paper, Scissors but way more fun! We were also listening to Katy Perry music – when you got to the end of the evolutionary tree, you got to stand on stage and sing and dance like Katy Perry too. Enough of that anyway!! After our brains were kicked into gear, we weighed anchor and commenced the 50 nautical mile passage from the lovely Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay under a nice press of sails. We then had morning brief, with the usual players (SM Harry, Nav Jerome, WO Tracey and CAPT Kenny) and the plan for the rest of the day with a rather entertaining story from the saltiest seadog of them all… (that was Tracey with the story of the Hijack Squad using Check Jack and “Tour Guide” Blake).
After Morning Brief we went into Demonstrational Tacks – Captain Kenny let Harry brief all the youthies noting this is his second last voyage – us youthies are now much more confident in our sailing/tacking abilities after he explained the bridge-watch officer perspective during tacking.
We then got stuck into the Happiest Hour of the Day… Snappy Happy Hour! Snappy Happy Hour was our quickest ship clean yet and obviously to an excellent standard. After this, Sail Master Harry let us have an hour to practice Setting and Furling with our Watch Leaders – we ended up not needing too much training as we ended up being pretty good tall ship sailors.
We built up an appetite after all this work… todays lunch was Wrap Day! Yummo! Thanks Marcus, we owe you some good food when you unleash us youthies in the Galley. The three watches then competed in another round of ‘ropies’ (round 3, square sails) It was a competitive round, with white watch coming out on top. Still though there’s not much in it, any watch could take the lead at this stage.
The three watches (red, white and blue) then went through some Captain’s Setting and Furling Test so Captain Kenny could determine that we were able to commence ‘Command Day’ safely (all watches smashed it and each earned a pack of TimTams – thanks Kenny and Reggie). Harry then threw the “Sail Masters Challenge” at us a few miles out from the anchorage. We had to hand in all sails, brace the yards square and navigate the ship. It was pandemonium but controlled nonetheless.
We arrived at Batemans Bay approximately 1630, well ahead of schedule. We dropped anchor and are in for a good nights sleep with no waves knocking us about tonight. We should all be bright eyed and bushytailed tonight. Captain Kenny then gave his Command Day Brief, where we went over the basic fundamentals of Command Day and the roles included. Chomping at the bit, we then had a delicious Beef Wellington dinner alongside some lovely vego options… we then pigged out chocolate icecream.

At 1900 we commenced voting for command day. All candidates were deserving and the results won’t disappoint…
WATCH LEADERS – Maddi (White), Coops (Blue) and CJ (Red)
CHEFS – Thalia, Arie and Baz
That’s all folks, stay tuned for our Command day log.


35 42s / 150 14e


Wind: S at 9 knots Weather: Cloudy Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Chain Bay (Batemans Bay)