Captain's Log
V12/19 Brisbane to Sydney
28 July 2019

Day 7 – Jervis Bay, Rope Swing and HMAS Creswell!

Ahoy shipmates…well we have made it the picturesque (if a bit chilly) Jervis Bay, which should prove a perfect starting point for Command Day tomorrow noting the expected southerly change. Sas and Sinead have covered the day in detail below, and I’m certain you’d much rather hear from them than me…Command Day looms! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captain’s Log Day 7
Hey everyone, Sas and Sinead here writes to you from Jervis Bay. Today started off with an epic cover to ‘Old Town Road’ (thanks red watch) to begin another day in paradise for us Youthies. Overnight each Watch Team completed a self-reflection activity called ‘Stop, Start and Continue’ which really put in perspective what this voyage is all about and what we are going to take from it as individuals. After a scrumptious hot brekkie made by the amazing chef team, we got straight into the Captain’s Setting and Furling with Captain Kenny and Horto where we proved that we all can safely furl and set the sails! After a hilarious but informative morning brief by all the amazing staff we had a nice happy hour and then had some down-time while we approached Jervis Bay! Although Dion told us that Jervis Bay was the best place ever, there was rain, wind and cold conditions, however it cleared up and we can now see what Dion is talking about. We then had some lunch or delicious pasta carbonara and beef thing that was amazing before we got to finally conquer the rope swing off the ship!! (Thanks Harry and Horto for being on shark watch, you rock!) That was heaps of fun although extremely cold and almost everyone got to have two turns before running to a warm shower. As the sun came out we tendered over to HMAS Creswell Naval College and played some games in our watches and mixed groups. Whilst completing a tight-rope activity we had our own demonstrator and paparazzi, 4 yr old Jack (Dion’s son) which was quite cute but also we’re pretty sure a lot of photos of the ground! We then walked to a pristine beach where we had the chance to go in for a swim which I can tell you was refreshing! We then all gathered back on the Endeavour where we were enlightened by Captain Kenny’s wisdom for Command Day through a short brief. We will be allocating roles tonight and can’t believe that we will get the keys to handle the ship tomorrow! Ate an amazing cheese platter whilst viewing a beautiful sunset here in Jervis Bay and smelling the BBQ cooking our delicious dinner! Now it’s dark and the stars are putting on a lovely display, and after some dessert plus muffins made by the amazing Jerome, we are ready for a movie night on the deck! Sas- Hello family!! I’m having the most amazing time and i can’t wait to tell you all about it! SO GOOD ! And also welcome home Claudie, I’ve , missed you! Xxxx Sinead – Hey fam and Callum!! I am having an amazing time! I even have been able to have a couple of naps !! Missed you all xxx


35 07s / 150 42e


Wind: Nil Weather: Fine, clear...and cold Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Sailors Beach, HMAS Creswell