Captain's Log
V03/21 Sydney to Sydney
4 October 2021

Day 7 – Hyams Beach, Captain’s Setting and Furling…and Farwell Jervis Bay.

Ahoy shipmates…Day 7. After a restful night at anchor we have had a very busy day, including a shore visit (see below), an impromptu visit by the local sea cadets, Captain’s Setting and Furling, and the Sailmaster’s Challenge, all described below. In the late afternoon we departed Jervis Bay and as I write we are making our way north under sail in a brisk 25-30 knot westerly…just how YE likes it. That’s about it for now, until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-Welcome back to another riveting episode of captain’s logs from Jack H, Sam and Lili. Anchor Watches took place as usual as we were anchored in Jervis Bay with sightings of sea snakes and squid in the waters of the bay. We were awoken by the sweet sounds of Reggies beautiful playlist and were immediately plunged into a game of Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers, Unfortunately Lili, Jack and Sam didn’t last very long. Adam had bestowed upon us his sublime gift of cooking as we broke our fast from last nights dinner (Breakfast haha). We raised the flags to half-mast at anchor this morning upon the unfortunate news of Prince Philip’s death. Following this was our favourite time of the day – Happy hour. We then headed ashore to Hyams beach, Guinness record holder for world’s whitest sand? The crew grabbed some tasty goodies from a local cafe. We then walked back to the ship to find young orange clad navy cadets aboard. We then enjoyed a meal up on the decks in the sun surrounded by crystal clear waters. We then set sail around the bay and completed the Captains setting and furling challenge where each watch worked in unison to set and furl three different sails without the instruction of our wonderful staffies. After all this hard work we received a reward…a packet of scrumptious TimTams…gold on the high seas!We then had to complete the Sail Master challenge to get the ship underway from standstill without assistance using only the sails. After a successful completion of the two challenges they fed us ribs, potatoes and noodle soup. Sam once again taking an extra thirty minutes to chew his food after everyone else had already finished, holding up the rest of the crew (lol jk). Sailing back into the blue yonder, the wind started to pick up as blue watch entered into its watch. The blue watch in its entirely gallantly ascended the foremast in an astonishing fifty knots of apparent wind speed (more like 25 knots) to sea furl the topsail. It was a day full of learning, fun and commitment…Hi Mum I’m not dead yet. Love Jack and also Hi Peter I’m having a good time… Hey Freyjika and Fam Bam, I’ve done heaps of cool stuff like climbing the mast and I did a sick backflip off the rope swing! Love you Broski xx Lil :)Hi – Sam


34 55s / 151 01e


Wind: SW at 28 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Moderate Course 040 Speed: 6 knots Location: East of Gerringong.