Captain's Log
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
7 February 2019

Day 7 – Great Keppel Island…and Command Day Elections!

Ahoy shipmates, greetings from a windy Great Keppel Island. Yep, you guessed it…still battling south easterlies. And for further good news, they are forecast to get stronger over the next couple of days, just in time for Command Day…well, we did promise the youth crew we would challenge them, and I have every confidence they’re up to it. I am thoroughly enjoying have so many wordsmiths onboard…I’m sure you’d much rather hear from them, so, until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captain’s Log day 7
Liv, Kaila, Serena
Hellur from on board the STS Young Endeavour!!! Liv, Kaila and Serena here on day 7 of our voyage. And what a day it has been! An adventurous watch overnight, where we needed to swerve off course to avoid hitting a ship that was headed right for us! (Not really). We also practised our sheeting and furling of the sails for Captain Kenny’s assessment this morning. Aside from that, it was pretty rocky down below, I think we all almost fell out of bed at one point! We sailed through the night and made it to Great Keppel Island but not before we proved ourselves as capable sailors to Captain Kenny and Sumo for Command Day. Yes, that is right, we are very capable sailors after 7 days. We were given a brief by Kenny on sail theory in preparation for Day 8! We’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed but confident in our abilities to sail this bad boy.
After this, we anchored and disembarked the tall ship to land on the beach. We saw three whole dolphins just hanging out (wowow). We also visited the local eco resort (first contact with outsiders) and definitely stood out as we choffed down some of the delicious food and drinks they had on offer (don’t tell Marcus). After lapping up the sun and hugging some trees, we were boated back on board the Young Endeavour and had a discussion about what Command Day tomorrow will entail. Some roles were discussed, politics were high and everyone was campaigning in preparation for the big election.
After a delicious Taco dinner on deck (thanks Marcooos), we all prepared to cast some votes. Dun dun dun…… The roles we filled were: Commanding Officer – Fraser, Sail Master – Aaron, Navigation – Kate, Watch Officer – Stephen, Watch Leaders – Jake, Shania and Jasper, and Chefs – Calvin, Bella and Francesca. The watches pretty much remained the same, with a few minor shuffles, and renamed as Turtle Watch, Whale Watch and Mustang Watch.
We’re all feeling excited for our Command Day commencing at 1000 hours tomorrow. 24 hours with a youth crew in charge… bit daunting if you ask me.
Now some shout outs: Liv: Shout out to all the fam back home, I’ll see you soon!! We’re making it through (even if I have been crippled by sea sickness for 5 days!) Love you all and hope you’re incredible jealous that I’m swimming in the ocean in WINTER!! Wack. Serena: shout out to le fam back home (v warm and happy up here in QLD ha ha), love you heaps cya soon. Shoutout to hoybucyan love y’all heaps, the grind don’t stop. Kaila: Shout out to friends and family back in Sunny Townsville (I really do miss the weather, and my bed!) Still haven’t been eaten by a shark….yet! Love you all and hope to be home soon safe and sound!

And some wise words from our new CO: “Failure is just a stepping stone to success” – not sure who said that….


23 09s / 150 56e


Wind: ESE at 15 knots : Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor Great Keppel Island