Captain's Log
25 August 2022

Day 7- Command Day preparations

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 7 of our voyage. It’s been another busy day for the Crew of Young Endeavour with plenty of sail work and tacks all in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day and I can assure you that today the Youth Crew proved that they are ready for this challenge. I will now handover to Jonno and Connor to tell you about their day. Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


G’day Mates,

Everyone has once again completed their overnight watches at anchor and the sea sickness levels have dropped a lot from the 5th Day due to rough weather. We weighed anchor from Bundaberg at 0830 and are now on our way sailing towards Gladstone preparing for our next adventure.

The Young Endeavour Crew had a great start off to the day with thanks to the great oh mighty Lewis for playing “Paralysed by the Legendary Star Dust Cowboys” as the wake up song. The Young Endeavour Crew have spent the day doing rotational tacking stations, furling of sails, setting of sails, demonstrational tacks and at the end of all the this practice we had the wise Evan and Salty giving us a briefing on the rules of the road which was pretty damn cool.

After all the briefings from Evan and Captain Gavenar we decided to become a democratic society and had an election for who will take what roles for Command Day from 1300 Friday to 1300 Saturday and the following people who will stand up to those roles are listed below;

Captain: Lewis

Sail Master: Sam

Navigator: Izzy

Watch Officer: Christopher

Watch Leaders: Johno, Mel, Belle, and Charli

Chefs: Henry S, Henry Hollers, and Toby

Congrats to those people especially Sam because we forced her to nominate for the position of Sail Master. After dinner we ended the night with a documentary called “Around Cape Horn” which was pretty good because it gave us ideas for command day.

Cheers parents for reading the daily Captain’s log, have a great day.

From youth crew Johno & Connor



24 33.5 S / 152 17.4 E


The time is now 2030 and we currently located 20nm to the north of Bundaberg sailing under fore and aft sail and enjoying pleasant 8-12kt ESE winds with .5m swell and the temperature is 14 degrees.