Captain's Log
V13/21 Brisbane to Brisbane
24 September 2021

Day 7 – Command Day

Today, on Command Day, the youthies began the most trialling test of their sailing venture. We woke to the nostalgic…but rather ironic…tune of Hakuna Matata, meaning “No Worries” , and prepared to leave the safe haven of Rainbow Beach. A week of briefs, watches and blistering hands has brought us to this point, and many felt nervous as the time of handover drew near. But first, pancakes. Before the inevitable stress of command day, youthies and staffies enjoyed breakfast on deck, the rustic and very tasty pancakes supplied by Keely made a fabulous start to the day. Many began preparation necessities; applying sunscreen, taking seasick pills and in most cases sneaking in a nanna nap before what was likely to be a restless night. And then, before we knew it, 10:00 arrived and the keys and list of 24 appointed tasks was handed over to the youthie team; Remi as Captain, Chelsea as Sails Master (Mistress), Ben as Navigator and India and Grace, watch leaders of their respective teams, ‘Tom in the Shower’ and ‘The Muppets’. But alas, the navigation instructions did not come easy, and some sneaky riddles written by official Sail Master Emma caused many headaches amongst the youth team. The instructions were finally found at right at the top of the Topgallant sail, and all youthies climbed up the foremast to take a precarious group photo. Task 18 completed. All this time, elected chefies Belle and Bec had been ferociously cooking up a storm in the galley. Their efforts were very much appreciated by all, some even going so far as to call it one of the best youthie meals served thus far. After lunch, we began, and the STS Young Endeavour started off towards the first waypoint. Youthies were given 30 minutes warning before the engines were cut, and the team rushed to set the sails. Captain, Sails Mistress and Navigator faced their first hurdle as an unexpected wind change forced altered the course drastically. Youthies ran to-and-fro, setting and furling many-a-sail, and all were pleased when dinner was announced. It’s Indian night!A beautiful sunset, accompanied by the unexpected whale sighting lifted many spirits as the youthies braced themselves for what would be a long night. But we will all undoubtedly pull through together, each person embracing the challenges they face for the good of the team. Remi.


26 14 S / 153 17 E


Wind: NW @ 14. Temp: 16. Weather: Clear. Swell: 020 @ 1.5m