Captain's Log
27 May 2014

Day 7 – Arrival

Ahoy-hoy!Overnight the ship continued to sail towards Hinchinbrook Island. Sunrise saw us approaching Zoe Bay, and in the morning light with clouds hanging on its peaks, the island looked amazing. The sun rising through the clouds with crepuscular rays shooting everywhere was almost Biblical. Unfortunately the conditions were less than ideal for an anchorage and to ferry YC ashore to trek up to the spectacular water fall, therefore we hooked a left hander and headed back south a few miles to Orpheus Island.Lindsey the Engineer and myself started early with ���Captains Setting and Furling’ which is an assessment of all watches to ensure they are safe and competent in their sail handling leading into Command Day. Blue watch set the bar high! We then conducted morning brief where Sandy spruiked his plan. Dion spoke of geography, facts and figures, and Saltry Paige spun another tale. I spoke about National Reconciliation Week then announced YC progression to Stage 2 climbing which means they can climb by themselves now. Yeah, it’s a big deal! Of course we keep an eye on them, but we no longer need to ascend with them as they are now deemed competent and safe climbers.After morning brief hands ���turned to’ cleaning stations and we put the other two watches through their paces on deck. They all passed easily and can now rest assured that they are competent and safe ���sail handlers’, without their Watch Leader present (this is a prerequisite to Command Day). And, ladies and gentlemen, they are very competent. These Sea Puppies are very close to becoming Salty Sea Dogs now. Their final test is Command Day.We came to anchor in Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island and had lunch. After lunch, some went snorkelling and some went climbing. I had a little lie down. ���Twas lovely thank you very much.We ate a BBQ dinner in the rain, then I gave YC the Command Day brief – What it will entail, who will be involved, what’s expected, etc. they were then given 60 min to conduct their Command Day elections, the results of which are as follows:Captain: AbbySail Master: PetaNavigator: MooWatch Leaders: Jess, Maynie & NomiWatch Officers: Nick, Sam & TomChefs: Monica, Duncs & FlossCongratulations to the above crew members and to all of the YC for what they have achieved in the Voyage so far. We then screened the film ���Around Cape Horn’, which details the adventures of Captain Irving Johnson when he sailed as an ordinary seaman through storms around Cape Horn onboard the massive bark ���Peking’ in 1929.Intend remaining at anchor overnight (RAAON) and conduct the handover of the Ship to the YC at 1000 tomorrow. That will begin the adventure and challenge that is Command Day in Young Endeavour. Are you excited? We are.Captain AdamReconciliation Week quote:���Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently, discredited and abandoned ��� There will be war. Until there are no longer first class and second class citizens of any nation. And until the colour of a man’s skin has no more significance than the colour of his eyes��_ There’s war�� ��� Bob Marley after Emperor Haille Sellassie of Ethiopia.Youthie blog���To my Friends and Family from Canberra and abroad. I continue to enjoy my time onboard, I’m still alive and about as surprised as you are. I look forward to seeing everyone real soon. Peace and stay safe as always�� ��� Matt RyanHello to all back home! I hope you have all been well and I look forward to seeing you soon! P.s the food is way better than one would think! Love Matthew B To all family back home I’m alive and well having a great time and learning a lot. Missing you all but having to much fun. ��� matt DCraggy, Family & Friends I’m having a blast but miss you all heaps ��� no doubt you are missing me too! Heheh I’m made some life long friends and had many wonderful experiences will still more to come! Just been elected as Navigator for tomorrow command day (when the youth crew take over the ship) Super pumped! Love you all and miss you all so much! Moo XxG’day family and fellow loyal supporters who are no doubt in vast numerical proportion. I am yes, still alive! And have reverted back to my earliest stage of life through becoming a successful Seaman. I base my success on currently being alive. It has been quite challenging so far and many times I thought that I may have put my life in jeopardy but hey isn’t that what it’s all about? Seriously though I am having a wicked time the crew are fantastic. I’ll see you all soon. Love Nick Hola my lovely family, dear Aaron and Jack. The seas are fine, the winds are fair (mostly).We’re all happy and well – more than half way there! Words don’t really do justice,so I’ll save them for now. Much love to you all, Nomi over and out.P.S. looking forward to seeing you all! xoxo


18° 36' South / 146° 29' East


Wind: 315@6. Temp: 22. Weather: Overcast. Vibe: Excited.