Captain's Log
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
23 January 2019

Day 7 – A Southerly Change – Jervis Bay/Shoalhaven Coast – Hunters Bay

Ahoy Shipmates…greetings from Hunters Bay, Sydney Harbour. But more about that later. After punching into the weather for 24 hours, the forecast southerly change finally arrived around 0700 this morning…light conditions at first but by late this afternoon we were getting gusts of up to 40 knots. Subsequently we have had some fantastic down wind sailing, cracking 10 knots at times…flying. The day started simply enough…overnight each watch had conducted an exercise called ‘apples and onions’ or ‘stop, start’ continue’ where each watch member gives their shipmates feedback…always a worthwhile exercise. With the arrival of the southerly change we set up for down wind running and after breakfast and morning brief (salty’s 2-6 heave extravaganza a highlight), we conducted ‘captain’s setting and furling’ where each watch set and furl a number of sails, assessed by myself and engineer Brett, to test their competency and safety prior to handing the ship over for Command Day. I am please to report all passed with flying colours! After another delicious lunch and a highly entertaining round of rope races (singing fountains a sight to behold)…the southerly buster hit. Noting the conditions (38 knots/2-3m seas) the afternoon was spent enjoying some awesome sailing and down time. We had intended to go to anchor in Port Hacking in preparation for Command Day, but after a quick look, decided to press on to Sydney Harbour for a more sheltered anchorage…hence the reason we are at anchor in Hunters Bay. On arrival all enjoyed an alfresco dinner taking in the sights after which 4 members of each lay aloft to sea furl our well used square sails, whilst their shipmates squared away dinner. At 1900 I gave the Command Day brief, highlighting the positions the Youth Crew would have to fill during their 24 hours in Command. They were then given 1 hour to conduct elections with the results as follows: Captain – Olive, Sailmaster – James, Navigator, Ollie, Watch Leaders – Declan, Erin and Clancy, and Chefs – Rachel, Louise and Matt. Congrats to all! Even though we have already arrived in Sydney, the Command Day will require the Youth Crew to complete a number of tasks, including putting to sea again…they will be tested! The Youth Crew have just finished watching the documentary ‘around Cape Horn’ in our upper deck cinema as motivation for tomorrow…the popcorn and lollies didn’t go down too bad either! They are now settling into anchor watches and hopefully a good night’s sleep…unless nerves get the better of them! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny (soon to be out of a job…for 24 hours at least…good luck Olive!)


33 49s / 151 15e


Wind: SSW at 18 knots Weather: Overcast Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Hunters Bay, Sydney Harbour.