Captain's Log
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
15 September 2018

Day 6 – Whale of a time at Middle Percy

Dear readers, I hope this dispatch finds you well. I really do hate to rub it in, but we have just had another amazing day! I can’t help it, ladies and gentlemen, I’m just telling it how it is. But don’t take my word for it… here is a fantastic account of the day by a couple of very likely lads, Will and Anders. Enjoy:
“First things first… Saturdays are for the Boys. Weren’t we ready for another beautiful day on the Whitsunday’s. An early wake up, approximately 0645, to the sound of MATTY and others belting out a ridiculous tune of ‘Baby Shark DO DOO’. We all stumbled out of our racks to hear old mate Sailmaster Tugga’s voice letting us know that we have to go eat some breakfast and that we were going into anchor at 8am.
We were up on deck shortly after, in our swimmers, and we were confronted with a sensational view of the exquisite Middle Percy Island. We could see the palm trees and the beautiful water from the trip. We got into the boat and B-Rad drove us over to the island. We stepped off into knee deep water to see an amazing view, coconut trees and coconuts all over beach. There was a A Frame Hut that was filled with historical memorabilia that dated back to 1947. Yachts, boats, and ships that have gone onto the island, leave a little piece of their ship behind in the hut and all of the memorabilia was so fascinating to see.
The scenery was a pictureresque image of paradise at its finest. Nothing like we had ever seen before. We felt like we were in Fiji, it was overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness and peace because of the isolated from the world. We cracked open some fresh and old conconut on the conconut spike, drinking and eating them before we were interrupted by whales breaching metres from the Young Endeavour boat that was at anchor.
As the tradition, we added a piece of history to the collection in the hut. All the staffees and youthees of the voyoge 16/18 Airlie Beach – Gladstone signed a Young Endeavour 30th Anniversary flag, which was drilled up in the walls of the hut.
Other adventures were made in an exquisite cove, eating fresh oysters cracked off rocks and attempted mud crab hunting through the brown mangroves that were an electric red colour once cracked.
We met a bloke who had lived on the island by himself for 15 years ongoing, eating goats and kangaroos of the island for food and generating his own power through solar panels.
After arriving back from the island, the anchor was brought back up, and we set out for sail. We set and furled many sails throughout the afternoon/evening, learning more everyday, heading towards Great Keppel Island, for about 10am tomorrow morning. The sunset was matched with the beauty of more whales breaching, as we kept our eyes pearled trying to capture the Green Flash.”
Will – “To Mum, Dad, Angus, Georgie, Mia and the boys, lots of love and cant wait to tell you all about the trip, see you soon.”
Anders – To Bugs, Shella, Nosey, Dj, Mitchy and Til, Mum, James, Ayden, Ethan and Tristian, after the seasickness passed, every day just keeps on getting better, it is so beautiful here and miss you guys heaps.”
Zac- “Just another quick one to Tyra, missing you heaps can’t wait to see you again. I hope you’re not too stressed with exams and they’re going well. I love you heaps, see you soon 


22 11.2 S / 150 43.2 E


Weather: Fine Wind: ENE 10kts Swell: SE @ 0.2m