Captain's Log
17 January 2016

Day 6 Voyage 01/16

Ahoy-hoy folks, I hope all is well. Please enjoy Captains Log for today…

Wakey wakey was called at 0630 and we started the day with a little game of Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers. Good fun – I recommend it. Anyway, someone won then we had breakfast, showered, brushed and weighed anchor. As lovely a spot as it was, we have places to be and activities to do… so many activities. So off we went back out into the wild, blue, Southern Ocean.

As we departed King George Sound, morning brief was conducted and there was something of an extravaganza, with our Salty Sea Goddess, Paige, explaining by way of theatrical performance, the origin of the term Hijack. Like many of our commonly used words and expressions, hijak has a nautical origin. Whether it has anything to do with a bloke named Jack and someone saying ‘Hi’, before press-ganging the poor, unsuspecting Tar is probably debatable. But I would never debate Paige.

So departing the bay, we found ourselves with a low easterly swell and a headwind. Surprise, surprise – We weren’t!! Unpurturbed, we motored on amongst the confused sea, cleaned the ship and ate lunch. A wee siesta was had before Ropies, then all hands set ‘fore and aft’ sail and we commenced our Rotational Tacks activity. This activity is designed for all youthies to rotate around other positions to understand what is required by the whole ship in conducting a tack. They have become proficient in their own tacking stations, but need to know what the other watches do so when Command Day takes place, they are able to mix up the watches without losing any corporate knowledge.

Several hours later, the wind veered to the south and strengthened. With that we set the squares and shut down engines, which was fantastic to be finally able to sail under all three squares, and to get around 6 knots in speed was terrific. Sadly, it didn’t last long. After dinner the wind dropped and it started raining. So, on with the underwater topsail again. Woe.

The program must go on and so it does, rain, sun, wind or none. Youthies are still busy and enjoying and tonight is another activity that will prepare them well, leading into the fast approaching, Command Day. There is a teamwork and communications activity we call “Bearex” being conducted tonight which is always good fun, but challenging. Which is what we’re all about.

Currently motorsailing into the night with: jib, forestaysail, mainstaysail, mainsail, topgallant and topsail set. We’re making good 5 knots and heading for Esperance Bay.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

Hello to everyone back home! Hope all is well and can’t wait to see you when I get back! I’m doing my best not to return to you as a sun-dried tomato 😛
Catriona 🙂

Hola, Mum, Dad, Finn, Granola, Toby and Lizzy! We had a day at shore yesterday at the most beautiful little cove, the few hour on shore seemed to cure my seasickness (YAY). Got the excellent news about Uni and can’t wait to celebrate! Loving the adventure out here at sea but also looking forward to see you again.
Lots of love and kisses, Phoebe

Hi to family, friends, and the Leeuwin crew! I am loving every minute, and having a brilliant time. Thanks for making this experience possible, and see you in a few weeks.
Rachel N.

G’day to everyone back home in Victoria. I’m having an absolute ripper time out here at sea. Loving every challenge and opportunity we are faced with each day. Sending all my love to everyone and I will see you in less than a week.
Lots of love, Bonnie xox

I would just like to say hello to William and Leilani in Cairns and Isabel in Sydney. I miss you all very much x love Daddy and Luke


34 43 S / 119 04 E


Wind: SSE at 12 knots. Swell: SW at 1.5m Temp: 17