Captain's Log
2 April 2011

Day 6 – Transiting South

Hi Everyone, Following another restful night at anchor the crew of Young Endeavour awoke to a brilliant Tasmanian morning. On completion of our normal early morning activity at 0630 an ���alfresco’ BBQ breakfast was served on deck followed by a morning swim for those with courage enough to brave the refreshing (cold) waters of Great Oyster Bay. This morning’s swim also involved the use our famous rope swing which gives the Youth Crew the opportunity to demonstrate some of their acrobatic talents, which as you can imagine was most entertaining for the spectators. Once out of the water and showered the rest of the morning was spent climbing the mast and making preparations for our departure. With these preparations complete I mustered the Youth Crew and briefed them on the intricacies, planning and teamwork required to sailing Young Endeavour away from anchor. Following this brief we put this theory into practice and on weighing anchor achieved a near perfect departure utilising only wind and sail. Once clear of the anchorage the Youth Crew worked well together to quickly bring the ship under full plain sail and with the assistance of a moderate 12-15kt north easterly we shaped a new course to south. Throughout the day we continued with the training program but due to light conditions had to postpone the previously planned activity of demonstrational tacks. This evening all watches will complete the ���Bear Exercise�� (teamwork and initiative exercise) as the ship transits through Mercury Passage and continues to make progress towards Tasman Island and Storm Bay.Our plan for tomorrow is to round Tasman Island during the morning then head into Port Arthur which is currently planned as our anchorage for tomorrow nightUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


42° 43' South / 147° 59' East


Time 2100 - Currently experiencing light 5-10kt SE winds winds with a .5m SE swell.