Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
9 February 2018

Day 6 – Swim, Sail, and Solway Passage

Ahoy shipmates,
After some much needed sleep the Youth Crew awoke to another magnificent Whitsunday morning. The pace for the day was a little more relaxed than the last few, but only just. Our “energiser bunny” (Sail Master Dion) likes to make sure we fill the days with as many opportunities as possible…no complaints thus far! Miky and Lewis have very eloquently described the days activities below. As I write we are under a full press of sail heading south. We will be leaving the Whitsundays for a brief time to visit Scawfell Island, just to the north of Mackay…another beautiful spot. Until tomorrow…fair winds…Captain Kenny…over to Blue Watch.

V15/ 18 –
Ahoy there! This morning we awoke to the magnificent sights of Apostle Bay where we were fortunate enough to be treated to yet another BBQ. As we all sat around midships we took in the beautiful sights around us, including the turquoise blue water, pine trees and sheer rock cliffs.
Following morning brief and happy hour, the local swimming pool was open for business. However our ‘swimming pool’ was the ocean beside the ship. After being given our safety instructions we were set loose and literally threw ourselves off the ship, some from midships and others off the bowsprit. The water was amazing and we all had a laugh for the short time the pool was open.
Following our swimming adventures we weighed anchor and sailed out of the Whitsunday Island group through Solway Passage. As we passed by many of the surrounding islands, some of the Youthies watched the world go by out on the bowsprit. Once we were clear of the Islands, we set some sails and were fortunate to set the Topsail (the middle square sail) which is confusing as it isn’t the actual top sail.
Today we were bestowed the wisdom of our wonderful Captain Kenny who taught us Sail theory. We learnt why certain sails are used in different situations and how wind direction and strength can effect how the ship operates and manoeuvres. Following his talk, some of us decided to once again climb to the Topgallant yard (the actual top square sail) where we had an amazing view of the sunset.
As we write this we are currently on Last Dog watch and are preparing to head to bed in anticipation of our 0320 wake up for Morning Watch but at least we will get to see the sunrise as we head to Scawfell Island.
– Miky and Lewis out


20 28s / 149 19e


Wind: NNW at 6 knots Weather: Fine and Clear Swell: Nil Course: 132 true Speed: 2 knots