Captain's Log
V03/20 Melbourne to Adelaide
2 May 2020

Day 6 – Sun, Square Sails, Seals…and Dolphins, Dolphins, Dolphins!

Ahoy shipmates…the dash across the southern ocean continues! Today the wind shifted to the south east, enabling the setting of the square sails…as I write we are motorsailing with all three squares set pumping out 10 knots…quite an impressive sight. It has been a magnificent day under sun and sail, and the youth crew have been kept busy, as usual. I think I should change my title to Kenny the dolphin whisperer…today we have been inundated by repeated pods of our marine friends…very cool, even for a hardened old salt. But enough from me, I’ll hand you over to Libbi and Will. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny (DW).———-
Captains Log Day 6
Last night’s watches saw the staffies challenge the youthies to raise a sail never before seen. White watch managed to set the storm jib in a record breaking time of 1hr10minutes. Youthies worked together to support each other in successfully solving this problem together. We were also treated to a navigation brief by our lovely officer of the watch Jerome. This included how to do fixes, dead reckonings, plotting a course and finding our course made good.
Today we were gifted a very welcomed sleep in of half an hour and woken by a beautiful red watch rendition of Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ (Half way there). This was followed by the regular morning shenanigans, a visit from Salty, a very disappointing lack of Nana and a very unhappy happy hour. Upon completion youthies attended a sail theory brief by our ever modest Captain Kenny. During this we learnt the basics of setting sails, steering by wind angles and the range of each sail. We then put this new found knowledge into practice by setting the square sails, effectively turning us from the Young Endeavour into The Black Pearl. Next stop, Tortuga!
A welcome break saw the youthies out on the Bow sprit, they were lucky enough to be visited by a large pod of dolphins that stayed to play alongside the ship. The swell saw the youthies sitting only metres above the water line with some even getting their toes wet!
The battle against sun and wind burn continues; with most of our youthies being acceptable stand in’s for our Port navigation light. Many have found new muscles they didn’t know existed as their sea legs finally start to take hold. With this new confidence, many youthies have found it in themselves to take on new leadership roles that they may not have otherwise had the confidence to fill.
All in all, a wonderful first week! Shout out to Tamworth and Warwick all the way from the Great Southern Ocean. Until next time, may the wind be with you and the sea following! Love Libbi and Will.


36 55s / 138 55e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Moderate Course: 330 Speed: 9 knots Location: SW of Robe