Captain's Log
V02/21 Sydney to Sydney
14 March 2021

Day 6 – Square Sails, Wind and Waves!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 6…back a sea! Overnight the youth crew kept sea watches at anchor, allowing each watch sufficient time to complete the ‘bearex’, a teamwork and leadership challenge, as well as brush up on their navigation skills with a navigation challenge. The expected southerly buster finally arrived around 2:00 am, so, immediately following morning brief, we weighed anchor, set square sails, and commenced our transit north in 25-30 knots of southerly breeze, 3-4 metre following seas, and persistent rain… perfect for a square rigged tall ship! (well maybe not the rain). The presence of a 2nd swell from the east made things a bit sloppy resulting in some green faces and some water across the deck… we’ll make sailors of them by command day! It has been a fairly quiet day otherwise, with the youth crew maintaining watch on deck (lookout etc) and resting when not on watch. We hope to arrive in Broken Bay sometime tomorrow morning… I’m fairly certain there will be some happy faces amongst the crew when we do! The gang from white watch have covered the day below so I’ll sign off here. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K——— Hey there guys and gals! We had a reasonably calm night at anchor so we decided to do some teamwork excercises.We had to find the storm jib and put it up in under an hour and we succeeded even though we didn’t even know where or what it was.After that we did a navigation exercise and we nailed that (like we do with most other things, go white watch!). Most importantly though, we focused on working as a team and we were successful because we listened to each other and supported each other. This morning we decided to go looking for treasure and headed to sea on our way to Broken Bay. With constant rain and wind, and swells reaching up to 4 metres high and washing over the deck, things are pretty bumpy around here, so we’re holding on tight! Luckily, on the seasickness front, no one has been sick so far, not even poor Witney. As always, our spirits are high and our eyes are on the horizon, looking forward to whatever comes our way. We’re currently sailing using the square sails for the first time, which has been a lots of fun. To set the course (one of the sqare sails), we had to climb the foremast to untie the gaskets with the ship swaying from side to side as we exited Jervis Bay, which was an amazing experience*. (*whooo, this was so much fun!! – Andrea. **I was freaking out, even though I’m not scared of heights – Davo).As usual, Keely has been feeding us the most wonderful food, which we have been so grateful for to warm our bellies. With the sun setting soon and the waves still crashing over the deck, we’re hoping to enter the calmer waters of Broken Bay sometime tomorrow. Until then, we’ll brave the elements with determination, and look forward to a new day. – White WatchMessage to loved ones:Andrea: Hi Mum, Dad, Grandma, Charlie, Brownie, and all family at home and overseas! I’m having a great time here and am having the most amazing experiences, particularly climbing the foremast today, and doing some nagivation last night. I’m still missing you all lots and lots and am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Lots of love and big hugs, Andrea xoxoxoxoxo Davo: Hey fam bam, it’s me ya favourite. I’m having a blast, thanks for making me go on this 🙂 give Gerry some cuddles for me and make sure the bird has plenty of water (not). Say hey to the rest of the family for me, missing you all dearly especially you Dad. Anyway speak to you soon, Davo out.


34 01s / 151 24e


Wind: S at 25 knots Weather: Overcast, passing squalls Sea: Moderate/Rough Course: 010 Speed: 6 knots Location: East of Botany Bay.