Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
15 August 2021

Day 6 – Sea dogs R Us

Dear readers, you wouldn’t believe it but I went to volunteer a volunteer to write tonights log but they were all impersonating Rip Van Winkle! (Google = Tired Dutch bloke who slept for 20 years) They were sound asleep, boys and girls. Anyone would think we’re making them work… illegally (BTW check out our merch shop, most of it is handmade right here ;)) Jokes. So you’re stuck with me again… Oh well, let’s get through this together shall we? Good.

Well, it all started with an early morning activity at 0630 which is the norm whilst at anchor (as you know). Cheeky game, then some breaky. Boom. We raised our flags, sang the anthem, then boarded the boat for a wee peek at the lovely Brampton Island. There’s an abandoned resort there dont you know!? And a sweet hike up a hill. Wildlife seen: Butterflies, sea eagle, brahminy kite, lizards, whales and some wolverines… (i may have dreamt about the wolverines. Gosh!). Anyway, Attenborough eat your heart out! ha. Then everyone returned onboard and ate hamburgers for lunch 😛

Anchor aweigh and we sailed away from the anchorage, cleared the dangers and conducted rotational and demonstrational tacks in a lovely stiff breeze. Basically everyone moved to different tacking stations and me and Jordo yelled stuff out. I think it went well. We had fun anyway. Actually mums and dads, grand ma’s and pa’s… these young ozzies, youth crew of voyage 10/21, are turning into proper salty sea dogs! They actually know what they are doing!! Strewth we thought, better not tell them everything or we’ll be out a job! haha… er. Seriously though, I’m a very proud salty sea daddy! Um and now we’re sailing somewhere else… we’re going to remain at sea overnight and look for another tropical island to anchor in the morning.

Arm’s sore from the pinching! What an adventure 🙂 Captain Adam Charlie Farley+


20 38.4 S / 149 23.2 E


Wind: ESE @ 20kts. Temp: 19. Weather: Cloudy.