Captain's Log
26 May 2014

Day 6 – Running square

Overnight the ship continued to press north-west, sailing under Topgallant, Topsail and Course square sails and the main staysail, making good around 3-4 knots which is not bad going, in only 9-10 knots of breeze. YC conducted successful teamwork exercises whilst on watch overnight before they were all woken at 0700 to a humorous wakey-wakey song by Red Watch. Breakfast, morning brief, happy hour and then Rope Races. White and Blue watch continued to dominate Ropies, however Red watch somewhat redeemed themselves today with a wonderful bonus round win by acting out their favourite TV ad. It was a close call between Banana Boat sunscreen (Blue), Snickers (White) and Rivers clothing store (Red), but the judges were captivated with the gutsy Red watch performance which took us all on a journey to a land where only stylish and inexpensive clothing live. It’s a very attractive place – and cheap! It’s straight to the Rivers store when I get to Cairns! Lunch was served around lunch time, and after a wee nap, we launched into ‘Rotational Tacks’. Each watch has their own Tacking station that they have practiced and are competent at performing, but they don’t know what the other watches do. So we conduct this activity whereby all watches rotate around each of the other watches tacking stations, thereby increasing ship knowledge and mariner skills threefold. Brilliant really. After Rotational Tacks, ‘Demonstrational Tacks’ was conducted. Demonstrational Tacks involves members from each watch coming to the bridge (where the magic happens) to observe the process of tacking ship. Essential knowledge for Command Day. Our final tack was back to the north-west and onwards we sailed. The youth crew conducted ‘Mid-Voyage Talks’ with their Watch Leaders next. We take great pride in the youth development program we deliver to the youth of Australia, so their feedback is essential to ensure we continue to deliver the best program we possibly can and that no-one leaves with regrets. Our intention is to remain at sea overnight in transit to Hinchinbrook Island, our intended anchorage for tomorrow forenoon. Well, there or Orpheus Island… We’re flexible! Yours Aye Captain Adam “Life is not measured by how many breaths we take; but by the moments that take our breath away” – Maya Angelou Youthies blog Hi Mum, Dad and Hannah… also everyone else! I am having an amazing time here! I have made GREAT friends and I’ve done some pretty extraordinary things. I’m missing you all and hope you’re not too worried about me. Love, Neets! xx P.S. Give Chino a pat for me.Shout out to all the fam and friends (and Sammy!!) from the far north Queensland open sea! I’m having an amazing time, went for a sunset climb tonight and it was pretty sweet! Been a bit sick but hopefully the worst has past. Lots of love Jessica xoHey Mum, Dad, Joe, Ben, Grace, Liz, Pete, Jess, Tom!! Hope you’re all well. Love you and miss all of you. Hope everything’s going well back at the homestead  Also as a favour, let Christie know I love her and miss her lots, Thanks. Xoxoxo To parents Cathy, Brian and sister Laura (if you are checking the site) alive and well so far, having a blast with some awesome people cant wait to see your faces. I love you and miss you a bit.Hey Mum (Pauline), Dad (Peter), Emily, Mitch and Trent! Im having a blast so far, it’s been fantastic! I’ve met so many great people and we are becoming great friends! We have done some very cool stuff and Dad I definitely won the race between us! and I’ve only been a little seasick! Love and miss you all! Love Abby xxHey Mum and Dad, missing you lots but having a great time. I hope everything at home is going well and I’ll see you in Cairns very soon….. enjoy your little holiday ! from your favourite son, connor. Xo Ps. Say hi to Bella for me.


15° 51' South / 146° 59' East


Wind: 115 @ 20. Temp: 22. Swell: 320 @ 0.3m. Weather: Fine.