Captain's Log
9 April 2013

Day 6 – Refuge Cove to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates,Overnight the ship remained at anchor in Refuge Cove. Sail Master Paul woke us at 0630 for a quick game of ‘Evolution’ before our Teak Deck BBQ breakfast while we enjoyed the slightly views of Wilson’s Promontory through a mist bank.At 0800 the first boat departed to take the crew ashore to conduct their mid-voyage discussions and to give Super-nummary Matt an opportunity to organise a few beach games. A small group were brave enough to swim back to the Ship, accompanied by staff and the boat. As you can imagine the water temperature was invigorating! Once everyone was back onboard we opened the pool for swimming and use of the rope-swing. This is always a voyage highlight for many and the turnout to use the swing was impressive, despite the chilly water.After hot showers and dry clothes we cast loose gaskets on the Topgallant and Topsails in preparation for sailing. The anchor was weighed at 1330 and the Ship departed Refuge Bay, still heavily shrouded in mist, and commenced our passage to Port Phillip Bay. On rounding Wilson’s Promontory the Ship went to Tacking Stations to conduct Rotational Tacks, where the watches rotated into the other watch positions to experience what the other watches do when the Ship Tacks or Wears-Ship. This is necessary because on Command Day the watches will be re-organised once the YC have elected their Command Team, which consists of a YC – Captain, Sail Master, Navigator, 3 Watch Officers, 3 Watch Leaders and 3 Chefs.We finally cleared out of the mist bank in the First Dog watch, during which White watch set the Course which resulted in us having all square sails set for the first time during the voyage. The Ship was a beautiful sight with a full press of sail heading towards the setting sun. The breeze freshened unexpectedly ahead of what appeared to be an approaching front so it was decided to clew-up the squares, furl the Jib and brail the Mainsail in case squally conditions were experienced. All this sail handling and working aloft was great experience for the watches in preparation for Command Day, in particular, and their sailing knowledge in general.The intentions are to remain at sea overnight continuing motor-sailing to our next destination, Rye, Port Phillip Bay, where we will anchor tomorrow afternoon after completing Demonstrational Tacks. During this activity the YC come up to the bridge in small groups and observe how the bridge team control Tacking and Wearing, which again is necessary knowledge for Command Team members on Command Day.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Mike   “ 


39° 4' South / 145° 55' East


Weather: partly cloudy Wind: NE at 22kn Swell 0.5 metres from the east Temperature: 13 deg C