Captain's Log
V03/19 Sydney to Hobart
2 June 2019

Day 6 – Oyster Bay, Maria Island and the Tasman Island Gap

Ahoy shipmates…short and sweet from me tonight…suffice to say we have had an amazing day under sail(see below). We are currently to the south of Port Arthur making our way across Storm Bay enroute Hobart…last night at sea, always filled with sweet sorrow! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny——
Captain’s Log – Day 6
After a peaceful night at anchor, we were woken at 0645 for an early morning stroll around the deck. Jenko and Horto cooked up a feast of pancakes, bacon and eggs with fresh bread rolls to wake up the tired crew who kept anchor watches overnight. After everyone’s favourite time of the day (HAPPY HOUR!!!!) we weighed anchor and made our way out of the picturesque Coles Bay en route to Hobart. Despite the cold start to the morning eventually the sun came out, boosting morale for the whole crew. Coming back to our regular watches many people took the opportunity to try some of the roles on the ship they hadn’t had a chance to do due to their colourful decoration of the side of the ship. Sunny skies meant the wildlife was out in force and we had many pods of dolphins swimming around the ship, especially around the bow sprit. Perfect weather for climbing meant that many of the crew lay aloft as we sailed past Maria Island and through Mercury Passage, following the South East coast of Tasmania. After a chilled afternoon we made it to Cape Pillar at around 1900 and were called to tacking stations to wear the ship in preparation to sail between Cape Pillar and Tasman Island. On approach the views were stunning. For many of the crew this will probably be the highlight of the entire journey; unparalleled views of the cliffs, Island and surrounding landscape. Once we all caught our breath we were called to tacking stations once again. What followed was some of the most challenging setting and furling of the whole trip, as winds picked up to 35kts once we were clear of the Island. Many of the crew experienced the largest lean angle they had ever seen whilst clewing the Topgallant. We are not very far from Hobart now and we are looking forward to tacking the ship a few times during the night (ha). Tomorrow we will anchor in Hobart and some of the crew will be sadly leaving us for dry land. We’ve had an incredible sail, and have once again made some great memories aboard the Young Endeavour!
Happy Birthday Mum (sorry it’s late) – Jacob
Can’t wait to see you tomorrow Mother Goose and take you for a sail on our beautiful ship –
Hope your looking after Rolly Mum……..oh and yourself! Dad you better cook a good tea for when i’m home. Over and out Jake W


43 21s / 147 55e


Wind: NE at 20kts Weather: Overcast Swell: E at 1.0m Course: 170 Speed: 6kts Location: Storm Bay