Captain's Log
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
9 October 2021

Day 6 – Moreton Bay entry

What is up guys, here with some new content coming from your favourite sailors, Grant and Emaan. Today here on the Young Endeavour, blue watch started the day off with an amazing view of the sunrise from the top of the mast. We then kicked off the day with an amazing breakfast by god chef Keels who prepared, bacon, eggs and potato gems for us to enjoy. After the morning brief by Keithy, we changed into our floral Friday outfits. You already know the whole ships company were rocking the floral print outfits, all different colours and looking beautiful as always. As the day continued, big man Reggie arranged another excellent ropies activity for the three watches to get more points. The challenge was to eat a Zooper Dooper each as fast as possible one by one, as normal blue team won another challenge and now is tieing head to head with white watch, unfortunately red watch is a few points behind but trying. After another smashing seafood lunch, by you already know who, we proceeded to anchor the ship near the beach of the beautiful sunny coast (Bribie Island). We then took everyone to the shore and enjoyed a few hours of fun beach time by playing soccer and building mind boogoling sand castles, of course by yours truly, Grant, Emaan and Haydos. Conrod also made a stunning tomb stone as well. After returning to the ship and cleaning up, we had the most amazing Mexican feed ever. After a fun and exciting day, everyone was pretty smashed out and we all reflected on our goals and talked about what we would start, stop and continuing doing. In conclusion, we are all having fun, no more sea sickness and blue watch remains victorious. And now we are signing off for tonight see you tomorrow with some new content by other sailors. P.S Grant and Emaan are really cooooool.


27 03.5 S / 153 12.4 E


Weather: Clear. Wind: Northerly less than 5kts. Temp: 17.