Captain's Log
V08/19 Mackay to Cairns
29 May 2019

Day 6 – Magnetic and Orpheus Islands…and Still No Wind!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 6…it’s still warm…and there is still no wind! The ladies have covered the day below so I will be brief. As I type the Youth Crew are all watching the documentary ‘Around Cape Horn’ in our open air cinema…motivation for Command Day which is only 36 hours away! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.

Captains Log: Day 6 – 29 May 2019
Rebecca and Imogen
Blue and red watch woke up to the delightful singing of white watch to discover we had arrived at Magnetic Island. It was a fast morning of quick breakfasts’ and showers and then straight onto shore at 0800. Much needed coffees, hot chocolates and milkshakes were had at the cafe and then each watch group; red, blue and white, conducted their mid-voyage chats to check and discuss progress on goals set at the beginning of the voyage as well as setting new goals and personal improvements. We then made our way back onto the ship around 1100 for a delicious lunch and then we set sail for Orpheus Island. This was followed by the best hour of the day, ‘happy hour’. Red watch was called to the bridge for watch and some valued downtime was enjoyed by the rest of the youthies. Then each watch group practiced setting and furling sails in preparation for command day as well as everyone revising for rope races, with each youthie feeling more confident in their knowledge of sailing afterwards. An increasingly competitive game of rope races (or rope wars as it is being called by the youthies) was had with red coming in with the win (we think?). Staffies did a fire exercise and then a swim off the bowsprit was enjoyed by most with many youthies and staffies doing impressive flips off the side of the ship. Once arriving at Orpheus Island, various deck games were played before enjoying the best sunset of the voyage so far over calm waters. Taco Wednesday was devoured on deck with Marcus always producing great food. Tonight we will be at anchor with 3 youthies on for an hour at a time for anchor watch.
Shout out to Mum and Dad from Rebecca, and shout out to Dad and Bronwyn from Imogen.


18 36s / 146 28e


Wind: NE at 5 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: Pioneer Bay, Orpheus Island.