Captain's Log
21 June 2016

Day 6 – Lady Musgrave Island

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day six of our voyage. Overnight we enjoyed a very pleasant sail in relatively calm conditions which gave everyone a chance to consolidate a little more sail work and be challenged by our BEAREX which is a teamwork and communication exercise.

By sunrise we were located only 15nm to the south of Lady Musgrave Island which is where we ran out of wind and had to use the engines to get us to our anchorage which was just at the entrance of Lady Musgrave’s coral lagoon.

Once at anchor the Youth Crew were given a boat safety brief and a quick demonstration from Horto and myself on ‘three way chats’ then they were all ferried ashore to the beautiful Lady Musgrave Island where they completed mid voyage chats then were given the opportunity to explore the island, snorkel inside the coral lagoon or just enjoy lying about on the beach.

By 1215 everyone was safely back onboard and following lunch we conducted another round of ‘semi competitive’ rope races. Later that afternoon we held an entertaining round of ‘three way chats’ (Getting to Know you and communication exercise) then just prior to sunset weighed anchor and commenced an overnight 90nm passage to Great Keppel Island which will be our next anchorage.

Currently we are located 18nm to the north west of Lady Musgrave Island motor sailing in extremely light conditions.

Volunteering to write an entry in tonight’s Captains Log is Sophie and Nathan from White Watch, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


What a beautiful day we had today! After anchoring early this morning at Lady Musgrave Island, us Young Endeavour youthies were chuffed to step onto the sweet steady land – despite our sea legs leading some of us astray. Snorkelling in the coral reefs was definitely a highlight topped off with swimming around and getting underwater selfies with the biggest most placid sea turtle any of us have ever seen. Thank goodness we have all surpassed gut wrenching sea sickness as we ALL, for the first time together, were able to appreciate Jenko’s amazing cooking. Those wraps for lunch today really hit the spot!

Rope races are continuing to be more and more competitive as we collectively start to understand this intricate and magnificent ship. Today’s round finished off with a special bonus point wherein all watches had to hoist 8 shoes tied to a flag halyard above the head of the self proclaimed ‘The Man’ (AKA The Tangalooma Princess AKA Horto). Blue watch rose to the challenge and secured the bonus mark! Woo!

To finish off an already amazing day, blue watch laid aloft to the lower top platform, chilled back and witnessed the moon rising into the suns stains of the early night.

With every day proving to be full of new experiences, we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Sophie & Nathan

To TS Pioneer Navy Cadets, Hi guys; I don’t know if you’re reading the blog, but I’m having a spectacular time sailing the seven seas (so to speak). I’ll have so many stories to tell you when I get back. Until then; stay fabulous! PS, seasickness is mean! From Leading Seamen Hayley Rooney

To Nic ‘13 18 24 22 5 22 9 2 12 13 22 18 8 11 15 26 2 18 13 20 17 6 13 20 15 22 8 11 22 22 23 8 12 12 13 7 19 22 8 19 18 11 4 18 15 15 25 22 14 18 13 22’ From Ben

To the Earl Fam, I’ve been looking at the stars every night (except when there was too much rain to see any stars), I hope you have been too. Thanks to Dad I have been able to teach other people to read the Southern Cross! Love from your seafaring daughter, Abbie. Seeya soon!


23 46 S / 152 02 E


Currently located 18nm to the NW of Lady Musgrave Island and experiencing light and variable winds with .5m NNE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.