Captain's Log
13 September 2011

Day 6 – Lady Musgrave Island

Ahoy there everyone,Welcome to day six, the morning commenced with a 0700 wakey wakey song composed by White Watch, as the ship closed Lady Musgrave Island under sail from the east. With morning brief completed the ship was called to tacking stations in order to conduct demonstrational tacks and wears. This evolution enables each watch in turn to stand on the bridge and watch the command and control aspects as the ship is tacked through the wind. This activity consolidated the sail theory and practical deck work instruction gained over the previous six days. All sail was then handed in and the ship proceeded to anchor in the lee of Lady Musgrave Island dodging a humpback whale en-route. After lunch and with happy hour complete the Youth Crew were transferred ashore in the ships sea boats to enjoy the delights of Lady Musgrave Island. During this time ashore the Youth Crew conducted mid voyage talks where each watch discussed individual and collective progression against their initial goals, then reset priorities and goals for the remainder of the voyage. With a wet and windy boat ride back to the ship all hands re-embarked the ship for a fantastic dinner by Chef Squizz. This was followed by a meteorological presentation by Watch Officer Matt, culminating with a nautical trivia night before the Youth Crew retired into anchor watches for the night The intention is to remain at anchor overnight before weighing Wednesday departing the Bunker Island Group and shaping a course north west for Heron Island in the Capricornia Island Group. Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours Aye Captain Damien


23° 53' South / 152° 24' East


2200 at anchor - weather passing squalls, wind SE 22 knots, swell SE 1.0 metre, temperature 19 degrees, barometer 1024 hpa