Captain's Log
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
22 November 2019

Day 6 – Jervis Bay, Sailors Beach…and the Rope Swing!

Ahoy shipmates! After our overnight dash down the coast we are safely at anchor in Jervis Bay…and that’s about all I need to say. A very articulate youth crew are making my job easy so….over to Lou and Bazdog. Fair winds, Captain Kenny.——

Captain’s Log – Day 6
Arrr Ahoy thar Sailors (friends and family). Day 6 started with two warm welcoming songs sung by White Watch – Bah Bah Black Sheep was the favourite and it roused us from our deep sleep. Marcus the lovely chef provided the youth a wide range of breakfast – including a special treat of chocolate croissants. We entered Jervis Bay at 0700 and anchored at Sailors Beach just after 0800. A quick but funny Morning Brief included special guest Salty who told us all about the origins of Port and STBD and how we came to split the Dog Watches…. All about Captain Cook and Sir Joseph Banks. 0930 Happy Hour commenced cleaning from top to bottom of the ship focusing on making sure our racks were made to Sail Master Harry’s high standard (nearly impossible apparently).
Incredible staff Engineer Reggie took the technically minded through some engineer rounds whilst the rest of us climbed aloft and sea furled the Topsail. Some of us climbed for fun to get some final practice in before having to do it for real on Command Day. Another amazing lunch followed – pasta, Brie stuffed Chicken Breast, and warm pumpkin salad. Yummy!
The Youthies were super excited to get back on the land, playing some intense adrenaline-filled games of dodgeball and beach races. Dan the man also organised “Giants, Wizards and Elves”. The team then returned aboard to use the Rope Swing. Award for best backflips goes to Harry and Reggie, and best bellyflop goes to Jae and backflop to Baz.
After getting into dry clothes we then had Rope Races which involved a Milo-challenge tie-breaker which Louisa lost spectacularly, before blue team dominated with their rope and part of ship knowledge. The final challenge of the race was the “egg drop” from the course sail yard platform where the aim was to land the egg inside the bullseye on the deck below without it cracking – White watch was victorious. Blue and Reddies got covered in yolk so to speak!
The Youthies then indulged in a scrumptious Mexican feast provided by the amazing Chef Marcus – pork belly and chicken tacos (or vege option) with all the trimmings was provided under the setting sun.
The Youthies then had some spare time where they all chilled out together having fun and playing Monopoly Deal. The night ended at anchor watching the inspirational documentary ‘Round Cape Horn’ and preparing ourselves for Command Day with popcorn (yum). Another amazing day – we’ll update you after we’ve elected our Command team tomorrow.
Youthie Crew Out xx


35 07s / 150 42e


Wind: SSW at 4 knots Weather: Overcast Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Sailors Beach, Jervis Bay.